Hi, I’m Heather and I’ve got it bad for local music.  I’ve been in radio for 13 years, both on-air and behind the scenes.  I’ve seen some shit.  I could write about all of the genres comprising Maine’s music scene, but let’s face it- we’d be here for 67 years.  Instead, consider this my love letter to the rock, hard rock and metal scenes, with some punk rock sprinkled in- have you HEARD Port City Saints or The Worst?!  I feel like there isn’t enough representation of the “scene”, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

The music scene in Maine is booming right now.  From Kindred in Madawaska, to Chaos Machine and War Criminal in Bangor, Dirty Rotten Winter, Second Sight and Arta’Sin in Augusta, When Muppetz Attack, Ascent To Power and Re:vision in Lewiston/Auburn, all the way down to greater Portland where you’ll hear Devils Nite Out, Weapons At Hand, Stillborn Condition, Scotty Saints and the True Believers and Destination:Void, and in Biddeford where you’ll find Burning Time, Division/North and the powerhouse hard rock band Sygnal To Noise.  That’s not even all of ’em, dude.  This state isn’t lacking any of the good stuff.

In this blog, you can expect band interviews, pics from shows, info on upcoming shows and where to see them, and so much more!  I sounded like a damn radio commercial right there.  Can’t really say I feel sorry about it…it IS my chosen profession after all.  Don’t @ me.

Oh, and don’t get on my ass about spelling and punctuation.  I’m not a writer.   I have a clean record, and I don’t need the friggin grammar police on my tail.  I’ll use colorful language because it pleases me.  Plus, I can’t swear on the air.  This makes up for it.



Maine. Music. Metal.