Alright. Which one of you assholes is responsible for this?

This thing was supposed to launch a bit ago, but coming down with the plague derailed my good intentions.  Despite clinging to life on a bar stool last weekend, I saw the return of Culling The Herd at Live at 212 in Westbrook.  They hadn’t played a show since October, I wanna say?  I should know this.  I date the guitar player.  Not the redheaded one.  The other one.  I’ve been a fan of these guys since the very first time I saw them play back in June.  You see, back then I worked for a local radio station that played host to a battle of the bands held at what was once the Asylum in Portland.  They were one of 16 bands competing for the chance to open the main stage at Rise Above Fest in Bangor.  They didn’t win.  We know this.  No, it wasn’t my fault.  Thanks for thinking it was, though.  Douche.

Adam Begin, front man for Culling The Herd.  Looks like ceiling tiles cause constipation.  Who knew?

Anywho.  I was blown the fuck away by these dudes.  The heavy, melodic metal that these five guys churn out is nothing less than mindblowing and mood-altering.  Listen to their self-titled album and you’ll find that out.  Even if you’re not a huge metal fan, you’ll find something to appreciate about it.  The musicianship itself is a reason to listen.  Plus, it was recorded at my alma mater, New England School of Communications in Bangor.  Much love.  I learned about the radios there.

I’m not  writing about Culling The Herd because I want this post to be solely about them.  That’s not it.  There will be plenty more opportunities for me to single out bands and highlight them and their upcoming albums/shows.  This is more to say that while I was a metal fan before June, I really became a fan of the local metal scene because of Culling The Herd.  Adam Begin’s onstage antics (like feasting on a ceiling tile while on stage at the Asylum whilst covered in saliva) really got me hooked.  No one sounds like Begin.  No one has a presence like Begin.  He and I are soul sisters.  I mean- nevermind.  He’s Batman.

Since this is my first post, I’m hoping you’ll go easy on me.  I’ve got all kinds of time to kick things into high gear.  I just wanted to get the first one out of the way, so to speak.  See?  I feel better.  It’s like spitting out a kid, but less messy and far less traumatizing.  I’ve got great things in the works for this blog, including videos of me sitting down and chatting with bands about what they’re up to, musically and not-so-musically.  Shenanigans are coming, so settle down, sugar britches.

Oh, and be nice to my kid.