Hump day? Hump this.

Hey there, freaks.  It’s Wednesday.  You can practically smell the weekend from here.  I hope you’re ready for a jolly good time this Friday and Saturday.  Two metal shows are happening (check previous blog post “Mondays are for metal”), which gives me the tingles.  I like metal.  We know this.  Lesser known, maybe, is that I luuurve me some punk rock.  Le sigh.  Friday can’t come soon enough, because one of my favorite local punk rock bands will be tearing it up at White’s Cue Connection in Gray, courtesy of Southie Heights Records.

Port City Saints, my friends.  For real.  The first time I saw the group, comprised of Scotty Saints (guitar), George Wiegand (slappa da bass), and Mark Anderson (drums), I was blown away.  It’s easy to say that a band blows your mind, but these guys weren’t fucking around.  I stood there, awestruck.  Why aren’t these guys bigger?  They will be, if I have anything to say about it.  Seriously, check ’em out:  Boom.  Oh, and they are releasing an EP on 4/21/17.  More on that in a bit.  It’s like the punk rock gods were in the shower with me, listening to my prayers.

Port City Saints

What was I talking about before I got all excited about Port City Saints?  Oh yeah.  They have a show this Friday, 3/10 at White’s Cue Connection at 19 Portland Rd, Gray.  This is a venue I’ve never been to, but that will friggin change.  Get ready for some punk rock goodness from Portland, ME.  Show is at 8, but just in case shit changes, check the event page on the ol’ bookface.  Also on the bill for this incredible show, are two bands I’ve yet to see.  From southern Maine, alternative metal band Air Away and another Maine rock band, Seven Seconds Left.  Sound enticing?  Hell yeah it does.  Seven Seconds Left have a new EP, “Out of Time” that you can find on ITunes, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube.  Air Away have a debut album, “Large Deaths & Little Births” dropping 3/15.  That’s like, coming right up, man.

So don’t bitch because there’s nothing to do this weekend.  Punk rock/metal show at White’s Cue Connection this Friday, 3/10…metal shows at The Cage and Live at 212 this Saturday, 3/11.  I’m serious.  Stop bitching.  Love you.


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