What the f***’s up, buttercup?

It’s Wednesday again.  How the hell did that happen?   The monotony is killing me.  Get up, go to work, come home, eat something vaguely nutritious, go to bed.  It’s the same damn thing Monday through Friday.  Thank whatever it is you believe in for weekends (and potato chips that I try to pass off as dinner.  Go ahead and judge, bitch).  Looks to me like there are some shows coming up this weekend that your ass might need to go to.  That’ll break up the daily grind, yes?

A room full of people supporting local rock and metal.  I’m so happy about this I could shit rainbows.

First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we?  Saint Patrick’s Day approacheth.  This potato-loving Irish lass is all about it.  Not only will I be wearing something green and drinking Jameson (I prefer vodka, but I make an exception on this holiest of days, you know, to honor my ancestors.  Let’s go with that.) but I will most likely be attending a kick-ass St. Paddy’s Day blast-0-rama at Live@212.  I’m mostly excited that this show falls on a Friday, since my transpo situation as of late means that Saturday shows are unattainable for me.  Domestic life, amirite?  I’mma give you five reasons you need to be there this Friday: Beyond The Fall, Fifth Freedom, Loki (the almighty fucking Loki!), Riverbottom Nightmare and Re:vision.  It’ll be a fun-filled, boozy, leprechauny, rock and metaly good time.  Much excite.  I can’t think of a better way to spend St. Paddy’s Day, quite frankly.  Come enjoy a free show with drink specials served up by Jasmyn and Allen, and don’t forget to wear some green.  Don’t be that dick.  Music starts at 8:30, but feel free to show up earlier than that.  My dad always told me that if you’re five minutes early, you’re late.  So, there’s that.

Re:vision at Live@212

If you’re closer to the Gray area (see what I did there?), check out the St. Paddy’s action happening at White’s Cue Connection.  Southie Heights Records presents: The Resistance (Sierra’s voice…sigh), Dark Rain, Tyler Voter and L.F.M.  The party starts at 8, so make sure you get there to see all the bands and rock your blarney stones off.  I crack myself up.  A band I’ve yet to see, but cannot wait to, is The Ge3ks.  Eric Hartmann and crew will be rocking all night at Mixers Nightclub & Lounge in Sabattus.  St. Paddy’s Day is the freakin’ coolest this year.  So many options.  I haven’t even covered all of ’em, cuz we’d be here until next fucking Wednesday.

Battery Steele at Geno’s

If you can’t wait until Friday to get your face melted,  a little birdie told me that there are a couple shows happening in Portland tonight.  If you’re itching for some heavy shit, check out Apollyon, Opening Bell, Northern Curse and Nycterent at Empire.  Tix are $8 at the door.  You gotta be 21+ to get your ass through said door, which opens at 9:30.  The noise, brought to you by Last Mercy Emissions, starts at 10.  If tonight doesn’t work for you, then perhaps tomorrow will be better?  Hella Good Tacos welcomes Battery Steele (hellz yes) and Suburban Samurai (Burlington, VT).  This free show starts at 9:30.  Also, their tacos kick ass.  If they made taco flavored vodka, I’d die a quick, tasty death.  I think I’ve covered as much as I can at this point.  There are shows coming up on Saturday, and I’ll do a separate post on those.  I promise, sweetheart.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday (or whatever day you get bored and decide to read this joke of a blog) and I’ll catch you out somewhere this weekend.  It doesn’t matter which show you go to, just show up and support your local music scene.  Horns high, motherfucker.


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