I sure hope you’re ready to see some shit.

Monday.  Fuuuuuck.  At least there are some shows happening this week that will make us forget that we’re in the throes of another work week.  Punk rock, rock, metal, thrash, eat-your-flesh metal (I’m looking at you, Culling The Herd), etc.  Normally, I wouldn’t tell you what to do with your time.  You’re your own person, capable of making your own decisions, all adultified and shit.  However, this is me telling you what to do.  I don’t give any number of shits what show you go to, but please go to at least one.  Support your local scene, because they need you like they need blood.  People need blood to live.  Look it up.

First on the docket is a nice little rock/punk rock show on 4/20 at Lone Pine Brewing Company.  This sounds like good, clean fun.  I’m about that.  Check out two bands from Maine- No Good and Jimmy Jacked (I’ll be interviewing you, sugarbritches.  I received your request) and two bands from our neighbors to the south (that’ll be NH for the geographically challenged), Slow Coyote and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (love itttt).  Hey look, I have the flyer…

This is a cool flyer.  I dig.

Second show on the docket is something I’ve been waiting for since the first time I ever saw Port City Saints play.  It’s their EP release party at Live@212 in Westbrook, and I’m squealing like a little girl (in my head, of course).  God damn, do I love me some melodic punk rock!  This is a free show.  No excuses for your ass not being at this one.  Unless, of course, you’re stuck in the emergency room with something lodged where it shouldn’t be lodged.  Pics or it didn’t happen.  Hey, I have this flyer too!  It’s almost like I know what I’m doing.


If Westbrook isn’t in the cards and you’d rather stay in P-Town (hey, I get it.  I live there), then perhaps a nice lil punk rock show at Geno’s will entice you to put some pants on and see some live, local musica?  Geno’s plays host to some cool ass shows.  Check out this shit courtesy of Last Mercy Emissions:


Saturday’s metal show at Live@212 is sure to be one blast-o-rama.  Last Ones Alive are heading out on a six-date tour, and this is our send-off!  This is your chance to open your earholes to the smooth, soothing sounds of the metal.  The Waking Life will be playing, along with some other local favorites.  I’ll see you there.  Would you just look at it!!


Holy fuck…there’s more.  If you’re in the Lewiston area, there’s a metal show that you shouldn’t pass up.  One, it’s metal.  Two, it’s at a dive.  That’s my favorite combination.  Hosted by one of the coolest motherfuckers out there, JustinSane of JustinSane About Music on Granite Coast Radio.  Wicked fuckin’ swell.  Check it:


Burning Time and Beyond The Fall are playing together again (I saw this happen a year ago.  It was awesome).  If you’re in the Biddo area, stop in at Champions Sports Bar on Saturday night and enjoy some rock from Maine!


Annnnnd if you find yourself in the Calais area (or want to take a road trip!), then check out our boys Conscious Cadaver with Turner, Give Way and Tatooine at Just South of the Border this Saturday night, 4/22.


Jesus.  I think I need a drink now.   If anything else pops up on my radar, I’ll be sure to let you know.  I’m here for you.  Not in a creepy way.  I don’t want to be that close to you.  Anyway, this is what this week looks like.  I hope you’ll take full advantage of what our local music scene has to offer.  Keep those horns high!

\m/ \m/


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