Calling all bands! I’m the Oprah of the maine music scene. Well, sorta.

I can’t wait to get some band interviews up in here.  I have a vision for how I want these to go, and it’s pretty cool to play it out in my head.  What I’m envisioning is me sitting down with the band, if I can get them all in one place at the same time, and shooting the shit while someone records us.  An easy, free-flowing conversation about their music, shows, ambitions, their thoughts on the local scene (we all know there is drama in this scene right now.  Shitty, but true.  More on that in a bit…), and inside info that will make their fans (and potential new fans!) get to know them a little better.  That’s ultimately what I would like to have happen, and there are quite a few bands that have raised their hand saying “interview us!”.

The short list.  There are many more.  My penmanship is the product of working in radio.  Fast! Quick! Get it on the air, fucktard!

What I love is that there’s a mix in here.  Punk, metal, southern rock.  I cannot wait to interview you all.  I’ve come to be friends with a lot of you over the past year, and it’ll be like sitting down and catching up with the coolest people I know.  I hope more and more bands will want to talk to me.  I don’t have much clout, but I do have passion and a dream.  Can’t take that away from me.  Whether they believe I’m worth talking to will be up to them.  There are those who think I’m fake and that I can’t do anything for them.  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe they can munch a dick.  Maybe I’m emceeing Herd Flock* this year, suckas.  See the munch a dick comment.  These are the people who are causing problems within the scene.  I’ll save that topic for another day when I’m full of piss and vinegar and I want to smash someone’s face.  That’ll make for a much more entertaining post 😉

Am I telling Sean Matthews (Devils Nite Out) a secret with this festive mic?  Hell if I know, because alcohol.  I love emceeing shows!

If you find yourself in a metal, rock, or punk rock band and you want to be interviewed as part of Maine’s scene, then by all means drop me a message.  The order in which the interviews will go will depend on accessibility and timing.  I see some of you more than others.  Some of you I’ve never met (yet!).  I wish I would have started this blog last year.  I attended some band practices, and that would have been the perfect situation for a nice lil chat with the band.  Dammit.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Invite me to your practices.  It’ll be fun.  Put me down for a plus one, though.  I’m bringing my boyfriend because he loves music just as much (probably more, actually) as I do.  Plus, motherfucker can hit the skins as well as he can play the guitar.  Sigh…

I want video.  I’m hoping for song clips.  I want to make this blog the place people go to get their local music fix.  I know it’ll take a while.  Things take time and effort.  I’m doing the best I can with a one hour lunch break and no internet at home (hey kids, get divorced.  It’ll be fun).  I believe that with your help, we can make this blog what I want it to be and what you need it to be.

I see your horns and I raise you my horns.**


*Duuuuuuude.  Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce is happening this summer.  Expect a blog post.
**I’ve never played chess in my life.



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