F*** You Friday

This has been a long week.  A real ass ache of a week.  I’m ready to blow off some steam and get a little irresponsible.  Remember a couple posts ago when I said that there was drama in the scene and that I’d save my thoughts on that for a day when I was full of piss and vinegar?  Consider me full, fuckers.  I had Carnation Instant Bitch for breakfast, and I’m ’bout to throw down.

Let me begin by saying that I think what most of us in the scene would like to see is bands getting along, promoters getting along, etc.  Why can’t we all just get the fuck along?  Stop pissing on each other’s shit, mang.  Yes, there are a lot of shows being booked in the area.  A lot of times they are held at the same venues over and over again, featuring a lot of the same bands over and over again.  It happens.  The greater Portland area isn’t that fucking big, dude.  When you include Lewiston/Auburn, Portland, Biddeford, Westbrook, and Bangor, there aren’t many venues that play host to rock and metal shows, let alone ones that will book local bands on their bills.  Think about it good and hard for a second.  I’ll allow time for that to sink in.  If it drowns you in the process, it isn’t my fault.  I never touched you.

Don’t fuck with me.


Now, we have promoters tearing each other new assholes for booking shows on the same night.  So there’s a metal show in Lewiston on the same night as a metal show in Westbrook?  What’s the fucking problem?  They are spread out farther than your mother’s legs.  Chill.  People who live in Biddo probably don’t want to drive all the way to Lewiston if there is a fun option closer to home.  I live in Portland, and Westbrook is an easier option for me, truthfully.  I’m an adult, with a life, who has other responsibilities than going to every show.  If I can go out and have some fun and be able to get home at a reasonable time, then you bet your ass that’s what I’ll do.  If there’s a particular band that’s on a bill, but their show is further away, I’ll make the decision for myself if I’m up to driving the distance.  Many times when people choose one show over another, it doesn’t mean that they’re dissing the other show.  Grow the fuck up.  If I could be at every.single.show, I would.  Life doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

Then we have bands tearing one another down on social media.  Fuck that shit.  Who raised you, and why?  Maybe their music isn’t your cup of tea, or you don’t like a certain person in the band for whatever reason, I don’t know.  Point is, support each other, because when you do that, we are more likely to support your band.  It’s simple.  Don’t be a dick.

Together, we can make this scene what it deserves to be.

I’m sorry for being so blunt, but come on.  I want to be there for all of you, but sometimes it’s difficult when I see blatant trashing on social media.  It breaks my heart.  So you think you’re a better guitar player, drummer, whatever than someone else, so you’re gonna be all passive-aggressive about it on the bookface?  Psssh.  You’re fooling no one.  I get the competitive thing.  I really do.  There are people in the Portland radio market that I’d love nothing more than to punch them in their smug faces.  I don’t go around trashing them on social media.  I bide my time and compete, quietly.  If someone encroaches on my turf…well then, it’s party time, c***tmuffins.

Dammit.  Just writing this post is getting me all fired up.  Anyone got a Xanax?  Deeeeeeep breath.  I love you all equally.  I do.  Just don’t make it difficult to love ya, ok?  I don’t want to be that cousin that has to drown herself in dirty martinis before seeing her family for the holidays.

All this drama make me want to drink this much alcohol at once, again.

You might not agree with what I have to say.  That’s ok.  You don’t need to.  That’s the beauty of being individuals with our own thoughts and opinions.  All I want is a big, happy Maine music scene where bands cheer other bands on, promoters help each other out (or not, whatever.  Just don’t put each other down.  Do your thing and be fucking good at it.  We love that shit.)

I support all Maine rock/punk/metal bands.  I support those in other genres, too.  Being a musician and trying to make it in the scene is hard enough.  Let’s not make it even harder on each other.  Radio=same thing.

Oh, and get ready for my first album/band review.  That’ll be my next post, and I’m super excited about it.  Maybe you won’t like it, maybe you will.  Just like certain bands or certain people might not be your cup of tea.  I’ll go back to this- just don’t be a dick.  Love you.

\m/ \m/




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