This kid does, in fact, like punk rock.

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of seeing an old-school punk rock band from this great state of ours.  Jimmy Jacked hails from Portland, and these five guys make a lot of noise.  In fact, their band description on Facebook says they’re “like a sandwich, only louder”.  I do like sandwiches.  You can hear the noise for yourself by checking out their album, “Kids Don’t Like Punk Rock”.

This album just awesomed all over the place.

This kid likes punk rock just fine, thank you.  15 classic sounding, original punk songs, recorded in one day at Halo Studios in Windham by none other than the talented Kevin Billingslea.  Yeah, dude knows what the fuck he’s doing.  So do Jimmy Jacked.  These five guys are seasoned pros where punk rock is concerned.  The fucking bassist, Mac MacKinnon, plays a fretless bass.  So, yeah.  My boyfriend Mike (a musician) was like, “he’s playing a friggin’ fretless bass”.  Me, not being a musician, took that to mean that it was cool shit.  Mac looks the part of an old-school punk rocker.  Spiked collar, ripped t-shirt, black pants, sneakers, leather jacket.  I dig.

From left: DOQ, Mac, Greg, and Java.  Ben is pacing, making me nervous.

I learned of the band from one of their guitarists, Java Imhoff.  Dude can shred his v-shaped guitar.  Damn.  The other guitarist, DOQ (I want to call him Donny.  That’s his name now) is no slouch.  Listen to “Surfing Zombies” and you’ll be like, “Yep.  No slouches to be found”.  It’s one of those songs that takes you back to the surfin’ 60’s, except with lots of leather jackets and safety pins.  So maybe not like surfing at all.  Fuck you.  I imagine things the way I want.

Oh hey, there’s Ben.  He’s making nice with the crowd.

My favorite tune from the album…well, it’s actually a toss up between the in-your-face “FIA” (fuck it all!!) and Double O-Urge, another great surfin’ tune that showcases the musicianship that these punkmuffins have.  The drummer, Greg Arnold, has chops.  Like, whoa.  Then there’s front man, Ben Thompson.  At first listen, I was like yep, dude is right where he needs to be.  He was born to front a punk band.  He gets these crazy eyes on stage, paces back and forth, and generally made me nervous the whole time (in a good way, I swear).  We came up to him after their set, and he was soft-spoken.  Those are the type of musicians that I love.  Show me a kickass stage presence, and then be real with me offstage.  No wonder he is in charge of the press and booking.  Well done, Ben.

My sweet new pin.  Photobomb by Devils Nite Out.

If you have a punk rock heart like me, you have to check these guys out.  Punk rock at the core.  Delicious to the last drop.  You can find them on Facebook, and also at

Until next time, rock the fuck out, fuckers.



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