Rain is better at midnight.

“I’ll be driving to Kentucky in the midnight rain, if I make it home alive you know I’ll never be the same.  I’m not feeling lucky but I’m never on top.  I’ve hit rock bottom but I just can’t stop.” – Fifth Freedom

All this rain is making me a little stir crazy and murdery.  I’m ready to get out of the house and see some superb local music.  The next two days bring us a bounty, my friend.  Let’s leave Saturday out of this for right now.  There’s a shitload of Saturday shenanigans to cover, and I will, in a separate post.  This is about tomorrow and Friday.  Live in the now, fucker.  (I’m going to be one of those moms that has a favorite child.  I just know it.  I feel okay about this, considering I have a negative amount of oven pastries at the moment.)


Empire is the place to be tomorrow night.  This is gonna be a rock n’ roll banger, my friend.  Fifth Freedom is back at Empire (I co-emceed their release party for Heartbreak and Hellfire at Empire last July.  I met Kennedy, formerly of WTOS, that night.  I could have died right then) along with Red Sky Mary (these guys are a MUST-see.  The only thing left to do is see) and our friends Drivetrain.  Cover charge is minimal at $7, and it’s money well spent for these three bands.  Trust.  21+ with ID at the door.  Get your ass there by 9 so you don’t miss a beat.


Want more??  Of course you do.  Friday brings us some options.  Question is, do you want metal or punk?  Both are tasty.  Southie Heights Records presents The Metal Zone at White’s Cue Connection in Gray.  $2 for five fucking metal-ass bands?  Shut up and take my money.  Juboybe, Angel Slayer, The Argon Red, Years Go By and Dirty Rotten Winter will tear that place apart starting at 7.  Have some drinks, shoot some pool, get your face melted.  Rinse, repeat.


On the same night over in Westbrook, 9 punk bands will serve up some music for your face at Live@212.  Nine bands at zero cover.  That’s none dollars.  Drink specials all night served up by the dude with the fedora.  Nice catch, Allen.  Fedoras are the shit.  I might not be able to make it to this one, which fucking pisses me off because I’ve been trying to see god damned Time Out Timmy for what seems like a fucking eternity.  One of these days, Alice…

Alan Jones of Fifth Freedom.  Stuck up for me when I left EVIL-FM.  Good dude.


Hopefully this will make you leave your couch or futon and get you to a show.  As long as you’re out there supporting local music, I’m a happy chick.  Happy HuMp Day, friendy friends.  Stay tuned for my next post for weekend fun and more band/album reviews.  I have a lot to give as long as you’re patient.  I’m a busy gal, ya doucheb’s ❤



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