About Last Night…

I had no fun last night.  No fun at all.

Pffft.  That’s a lie.  Last night was fucking amazing.  It’s always a good night when you’re with your sexy boyfriend, having a few drinks, jamming to local rock and getting sprayed with zillions of guitar picks (thanks, Drivetrain!  Mine now, suckas).  Date night level=expert.

It was evident last night that rock n’ roll is alive and well.  Drivetrain (Portland), Red Sky Mary (Portsmouth, NH) and Fifth Freedom (Portland) rocked the Empire so hard, dude.  So. Very. Hard.  People were dancing, singing, clapping and stomping their feet.  Some dude was swinging strings of lights over his head.  I don’t know what that was, but I liked it.   I haven’t had that much fun in a while.  I also haven’t had that many rum and cokes in a while.  The bartenders at Empire are super nice people, and I just wanted them to know that I appreciated it.  I showed them with my rum soaked liver.  Liquid courage for the emcee.  Don’t judge.



Kevin Beling and crew ravaged that stage.  Fucking murdered it.  If you love hard, driving rock, then Drivetrain is a band that you need to check out.  If you call yourself a true rock fan and you don’t check out Drivetrain, I’ll cram my foot so far up your ass that maybe, just maybe, it’ll reach your brain and move some pink mushy shit around until you reach the conclusion that you need to check them out.  Find them on Facebook, Bandcamp, or buy their EP, “Hellcat.”  I was gifted a copy last night at the show, and I feel like I can taste colors now.  Who needs a unicorn frappe when we have Drivetrain?


Red Sky Mary took the stage next, and we were all standing there in awe.  Lead singer, Sam, has a voice that is not common in today’s rock n’ roll landscape.  They have that sound that takes you back to the 70’s, when Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin roamed the earth.  When they play up here, my friend Mariann goes to every show (when she can, of course).  Back in March, my boyfriend and I drove to Dover, NH to see them play at Fury’s Publick House.  That place was packed.  They draw a crowd that includes college kids all the way up to people in their 60’s.  Their appeal is real, and they’ll be heading to Europe in a few weeks to start a month-long tour.  Get it, guys!  You can catch them back in Portland when they open for Ratt at the brand spankin’ new Aura on June 15th (that’s my birthday and I’ll rock if I want to).  Whoa.


Headliners Fifth Freedom brought the house down.  Good ole southern rock n’ roll from right here in Portland, Maine.  They played several tracks from their sophomore album “Heartbreak and Hellfire”, which spent weeks upon weeks as the number one selling local album at Bull Moose stores statewide.  I mean, these guys toured with fucking Black Stone Cherry, for fuck’s sake.  Gawd.  They’ve got themselves a great lineup with Alan Jones (lead vocals, string thing), Seth McClellan (bass face), Gary Marston (bang on the drum all day), and Ian Dyer (young string thing afficianado).  I’d like to thank them for playing “Midnight Rain”.  That song struck a chord with me early last summer when my life started falling apart.  Beautiful song, and the harmonies at the end usually bring me to tears.


I just realized how long this post is getting.  Sorry about that.  I just had to tell you about last night.  I love seeing rock bands having the camaraderie that I witnessed last night.  Drivetrain stayed until the last song was played, as did Red Sky Mary.  I have to give credit to Kevin Beling of Drivetrain and Jay Beal (formerly of local metal band Ascent To Power).  Both of them sang along to nearly every song.  It was an incredible display of local bands supporting and listening to other local bands.  We see this in the metal scene and the punk scene, and I’m really happy to see it in the rising Maine rock scene.  More, please.

Since this post is pretty much a fucking novel now, I’ll leave you alone.  I just want to say that rock is here to stay, and I hope you’ll make it out to a show sometime.  There’s so much talent in the this state (and all over New England).  Let’s take advantage of it!  Oh, and look for another post for shows happening Saturday night.  Itsa comin’.

Rock on, sugarbritches.  \m/ \m/


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