Put that TV dinner down, now!

Who’s fucking idea was it to have the five on-two off work week?  Fuck that person and that noise.  If you’re not quite done livin’ for the weekend, then might I suggest going out on the town tonight?  I mean, why not?  What else are you gonna do?  Eat dinner in front of the TV while bingeing on Netflix? (In reality, that does sound good to this gal.  Hey, I can’t afford TV or internet.  Give me a break.  I miss Netflix and cable).  Sure, the same old routine is comfortable.  A punk show just sounds better, especially on this gloomy Monday.

Try this on for size:


Jimmy Jacked (see my earlier post, “This Kid Does, In Fact, Like Punk Rock” for my review of them and their album), No Good, Gant, and The Labor Pains are all playing tonight at Flask Lounge in Portland.  For no dollars.  Music starts at 8.  Ya gotta be 21+ to get in, though.  So, put some pants on (shirt too, preferably…my poor retinas) and get yourself to Flask.  Last time I was there, they had this Moxie Bomb thing and it was delicious until some douche b knocked it out of my hand.  Karaoke is a contact sport, turns out.  Yeah, I like Moxie.  It’s yummy and it can also de-grease and engine.*

It’s delicious. Don’t fuck with me.

This week has a lot in store for us, actually.  Classy On Occasion’s album release party is tomorrow night at Empire, which I’ll have more about in tomorrow’s post.  Cinco de Mayo is this Friday, and I definitely know of at least ONE show that you need to be at if you love rock and metal like I do.  I do, in case you found this blog and you are lost.


I’ll keep this one short, my friend.  I just wanted to let you know that Mondays don’t have to be the same boring assdrag every week.  You’ve got options.  I’m here for you.  Now, lace up your checkered sneaks and go to Flask for the punk show.  You’ll be so glad you did, and so will the local bands you’ll be supporting.

Rawk \m/


*Pretty sure a mechanic would say otherwise.


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