Holy hard rockin’ metal de Mayo, Batman!

I’m not even gonna start with the Star Wars thing.  We all know what today is.  Today is fucking Thursday, and tomorrow is fucking Friday.  Friday, May 5.  Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos.  Happy amateur margarita-drinkers day!  Seriously- some bitches can’t hold their tequila.  It’s embarrassing, especially when guacamole and tacos make their second appearance.  It’s like a Saturday night on Wharf St. in the Old Port, watching those chicks struggle to walk in their heels.  It’s like watching a bunch of drunk Bambis try to stand for the first time.  Nonetheless, I enjoy Cinco de Drinko.  I might indulge with a marg of my own.  The bartender at Live@212 makes a mean one.

That’s the venue for Arta’sin’s Fiesta De Rock Cinco de Mayo celebration tomorrow night.  This is gonna be a real humdinger.  Rico and the gang know how to party, and when the party is at Allen Moore’s Live@212, well…

This happens on occasion at Live@212.  Party at Allen’s!

Second Sight will be joining Arta’sin, along with Dirty Rotten Winter, Primal Static, Re:vision and Trial By Stone.  Oh, and let’s not forget that the almighty fucking Loki will be taking the stage as well.  Did someone say party?  Holy hard rockin’ metal de Mayo, Batman.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen Arta’sin tear the stage apart.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen them since November or December.  Hey, assholes, I still need to listen to your new album, Circles!  DRW is always a treat, as is Trial By Stone.  Re:vision features a lot of bass, which rocks my world.  Please don’t ever stop with the bass.  Kthxbye.  Rocks, salt and bass, please.  Primal Static is the only band on the bill that I haven’t seen.  Not a huge surprise, since they’re from Austin.  Yes, Texas.  Description says fantastic alternative rock duo.  I’m sold.  Then there’s Loki.  Loki is never a bad time.

Re:vision rockin the 212

Music starts at 6, so get there early and ask the dude with the fedora for a drink (he had better be wearing a fedora this time.  Bonus points if it’s a sombrero instead).  Settle right in for a good old-fashioned facemelting.  You will not have a face when you leave for the night.  Worth it.

Free show!  Tell your friends.  21+.

Of course, this isn’t the only party in Maine on Cinco de Mayo.  I’m focusing on the rock/punk/metal/alt shows that will be tearing this state a new one.  However, Skosh is playing at Fast Breaks in Lewiston tomorrow night at 8:30.  Skosh is one of those funk/ska bands that I can’t get enough of.  So much fun!  Also in Lewiston at Pedro O’Hara’s, you can check out The Youngerbloods and Andrew Bailie (a regular at Portland House of Music and Events) at 8pm.  If you’re in P-Town, check out Scarlet Sails, Radiator King, Pretty Sad (Portland) and Cactus Rose (NH) at Geno’s.  Music for the soul, right there.   21+ with $7 cover at the door.

If you’re feeling like you need some Dave Gutter in your life, then you HAVE to check out Paranoid Social Club tomorrow night at One Longfellow Square in Portland.  They’ll be performing their debut album, Axis I in its entirety.  My former coworker, Dominic Lavoie will also be performing, as well as Cam Jones’ Yes We Kin.  Tix are $15 today, and they’ll be $20 day of the show.  Doors open at 7 with jams at 8.  Get you some.


I mean, it isn’t hard to find something to do tomorrow.  I wish I could cover it all, I really do.  My heart lies with the rock/metal/alt/punk scenes, though.  It’s a love scene.  Matter of fact, I’ll be dolling myself up tonight for Sygnal To Noise’s  listening party for their upcoming album, Horns High.  Still can’t believe I was invited.  I get to hang with the cool kids?  Mind. Blown.

Senor Ocho is ready for his big day.


No matter where your feet take you tomorrow, make sure you check out a local band and enjoy yourself.  Life is short.  Drink the margarita.

\m/ \m/



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