I found the rawk.

I’m in a rock ‘n roll state of mind today.  I’ve been flip-flopping between two local rock EP’s all morning long, and I’m excited to share them with your face.  One band makes me want to put on a black leather jacket, hop in a shiny red ’67 Charger and terrorize the open road.  The other makes me want go on a high speed chase resulting in me running down a bad guy and subsequently tackling them and kicking their face in.  In other words, both of these bands make me feel like I’m tearing ass around my office, ‘cept I’m staying still.  Adrenaline.

From left: Butch Fabish, Kevin Beling, and Alex Fabish of Drivetrain at Empire, April 2017.

Drivetrain is the 67′ Charger.  It’s no wonder, either.  Take a listen to their EP, Hellcat.  Go on, do it.  The first song, Burn Slow, is my favorite.  Do I sense some Thorogood and Lizzy?  It’s hard, fast, rock ‘n roll.  It’s raw, gritty, and dirty.  Oh, hell yes.  If you enjoy Motorhead, Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, or Clutch, then you NEED to check out Drivetrain https://drivetrain.bandcamp.com/.  Kevin Beling (vocals/guitar shredder), Ben Philbrick (slappa da bass), Alex Fabish (stick wielder), and Butch Fabish (axe-man) have managed to find a sound that is modern, but also sounds like it could have given their influences a run for their fucking money back in the day.  Run, motherfuckers, cuz these dudes from Portland will run you down and steal your money, women and whiskey.

You fucking need this, brosef.

The second song on the EP, Manhunt, feels like it should be featured in an action scene in a Bruce Willis movie where he plays a badass rogue cop, chasing the scum while simultaneously risking and saving his job.  I mean, that sounds like a Bruce Willis movie to me.  Whatever.  I think what I want.  You’ll just have to listen to this EP yourself.  Better yet, catch Drivetrain live.  Holy tap dancing Christ on a cracker.  You’ll be pumping your fist in the air, stomping your feet, and singing along.  They are one of the most fun bands I’ve ever seen live.  You can take that to the bank, with the stolen money, women and whiskey.

The second band that I’ve been listening to today is Kindred from Madawaska.  Nick Clapp (lead vocals), Dennis Ouellette (string thing), Phil Smith (drummah), Brad Pelletier (slappa da bass/vocals), and CJ Theriault (other string thing) are making some of the best damn modern rock in this state.  They just released their new EP, Shattered, a few days ago.  I was lucky enough to receive a little three song preview, including the title track.  I have just one question: Why the fuck aren’t these guys getting air play on modern rock stations in this goddamn state?  I’m serious.  Oh, wait.  I work in radio.  I know how this shit works, unfortunately.  Dude, if I had any pull at all, this band would have a song in rotation on rock stations down here.  I’m on a mission now, motherfuckers.  Don’t try and stop me- remember the adrenaline?  Back up off.


Get a sneak preview of your own at http://www.facebook.com/kindred6.  To get that car chase feeling that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I highly encourage you to listen to “Beatdown”.  Fuck me running.  That’s the kind of hard/modern rock that makes me all inspired when I listen to it.  Next time Chevelle comes to town, I want Kindred to be the local opener.  Hell, Volbeat is in town this weekend.  They should be fucking up that stage like a motherfuckin’ hurricane.

Kindred’s sound is grungy, modern hard rock.  That right there is my shit.  I’m not sure if they look to Disturbed as an influence, but listen to Shatter and let me know your thoughts.  It’s grungier than Disturbed, but I can’t quite put my untrained ear-finger on it.  I also hear some Sick Puppies (the harder stuff, of course) in there.  I  hear a lot of things.  That’s what makes their music unique but familiar at the same time.  This is rock that makes you feel.

Kindred, playing Live@212 for the very first time. They tore that place apart.


That’s what music should do.  It should bring emotions to the surface.  It should keep you company when you’re feeling empty and alone; it should pump you up when you need a confidence boost; it should bring out your inner badass as well as your vulnerability.  Press play, feel, repeat.

I do hope you’ll check out these two great rock bands from Maine.  They deserve the attention and support.  Wicked talented mofos from the Pine Tree State.  Our rock scene deserves more attention, cuz rock ‘n roll will never die.

Oh, and can I please suggest a show with Sygnal To Noise, Kindred and Drivetrain?  And 13 High.  Kthxbye.

\m/ \m/


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