Metal, Beer, Blood, and Ceiling Tiles…Oh My!

I have a chunk of ceiling tile and a dirt and beer-soiled set list laying on my kitchen table right now.  Remnants of Saturday night’s debauchery at Live@212.  It was the return of Portland death metal band Stillborn Condition to the scene, and it was a night of Maine metal that will never be forgotten.  Truly one of the most fun nights of my life (the first night of last year’s Herd Flock tops that list.  A lady doesn’t kiss and tell).

Devils Nite Out (Portland) opened Saturday’s banger, and set the bar high for the acts to follow.  According to singer Sean Matthews, a terrible practice before a show guarantees that the band will ace it when the show finally comes.  I was present at their practice, and I didn’t think it was bad.  What do I know?  If I could make a dream rock/metal group, I would choose Sean as the front man.  He feels every song.  The emotion comes through, and you can tell that he puts his heart and soul into every single performance.  Every now and then, if you’re lucky, you’ll get treated to his sweet dance moves.  Most of the time, his dance moves consist of dry humping my boyfriend.  It’s whimsically disturbing.  Get yourself some DNO, sans humping, here:, or check them out on Facebook.  They have a new music video for their song “Triage of the Damned”.  It motherfucking rocks.

Devils Nite Out at their “horrible” practice. Dino Mosh muthafuckas!

Following Devils Nite Out was Weapons At Hand (Portland).   I will never tire of seeing these guys play.  Tom MacDonald’s guitar style is probably one of my favorites in the scene right now.  There’s just something about it that makes my earholes do a happy dance.  They’re metal, but also sway the way of melodic, which tends to be my favorite type of metal.  The guitar riffs and the bass are what call to me when listening to WAH.  Check it out for yourself:  Not only do Tom and front man Ryan Newton play in the band, they also run Port City Promotions and put on a zillion killer shows throughout the year.  Fuckers know what they’re doing.  Interested in booking a show?  Hit these dudes up.  Don’t actually hit them, though.  We don’t hit friends.  We hit drums.

conrad 1
Conrad Lausier, drummer for Weapons At Hand. Potato.

The third band up was Seize The Vatican from Bangor/Midcoast.  This was only my third time seeing them, and ho-ly shitsnacks.  Those guys killed it.  Red’s (Dustin Faloon) vocals are some of the best, most brutal metal vocals you’ll hear in the state.  Don’t fucking believe me?  Check out their new album, “Advent of Annihilation” released last month.  That’s some good shit, right there.  Can’t get your hands on it?  Internet to the rescue:  Give these guys a listen if you need a nice lil facemelting today.  It’s Monday, so I’m guessing you need one.  I do.  Melt mah face, bishes!

Seize The Vatican. Those ceiling tiles won’t be up there for too much longer…

Next up was Culling The Herd from Deadman’s Corner, Maine.  Otherwise known as some clearing in woods.  You’ll find out if you attend Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce this July.  Details can be found at  I hope that’s the right fucking link.  Dammit guys, just let me be your cruise director.  I sleep with your guitarist, for fuck’s sake.  Hehehehehe.  I’m cheeky today.  For real, though.  These guys blew me away last June when they were in the battle of the bands that I hosted, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Heavy, melodic metal is just what the doctor ordered- if that doctor was insane and liked to snack on ceiling tiles.  Be sure to check out CTH’s self-titled album.  My favorite track is “Despair”.  According to JustinSane of JustinSane About Music on Granite Coast Radio, that song is doing well with folks in the UK.  Get yourself some tea, crumpets, and Despair.  Cheerio.

Find him? Find him destroying the stage more often than not. Adam of Culling The Herd.

Midnight brought us the return of Portland death metal band Stillborn Condition.  If I ever get impregnated with a tiny demon spawn, I want these guys to play my demon shower.  If I ever walk down the aisle again (this time with the right fucking dude), they will also be playing my wedding.  Hey, Show, play me a friggin A chord!  These guys are the real fucking deal.  Heavy, fast, technical death metal.  Their new drummer, Seth Perkins, is a keeper.  Great first show back, guys.   You brought the roof down, literally.  Normally, Culling The Herd destroys the ceiling, but not like that!  There were chunks of ceiling tile strewn all over the stage, equipment, and the floor we were standing on.  By that point, I was two Sex With A Rockstars and one rum and coke deep, and I nearly pissed myself when I saw the ceiling fall.  What a way to cap off the night.  Keep that shit up.  Want to book a baby shower of your own? Enjoy.

Stillborn Condition. Notice the two off-kilter ceiling tiles? Yeah, those died that night. They killed them. Hundreds of pieces on the flo’.

It was a night to remember, for sure.  One of our friends got punctured by another friend’s spiked leather jacket while crowd-surfing.  Another friend crushed a beer can on his forehead after pouring its contents over his head.  Dude was bleeding afterward.  Metal.  I managed to shove some people in the pit while keeping to the outside perimeter.  Last time I was near a pit, I took a heavy hit to my back and wound up laying on the floor in front of my boyfriend while he was playing his set.  CTH stopped their set and Mike proceeded to tell everyone inside The Cage that he would kill them all.  Testosteroni.

Brandon and Mike of CTH, warming up before they tore the roof off the joint. Literally.


What was most incredible about Saturday night, was that other musicians came out on their night off to support other bands.  There was representation from Sygnal To Noise, Loki (Jon drove from Mass!!), Fifth Freedom, and a couple other bands.  There’s no other scene like the Maine metal scene.  The love and support is unrivaled.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maine’s metal scene. This is how it’s supposed to be. If you look closely, you’ll see the chunk of ceiling tile that is being held up by yours truly.  Photo by Chris Kates, Voodoo Media.

\m/ \m/



3 thoughts on “Metal, Beer, Blood, and Ceiling Tiles…Oh My!”

  1. It seems this is high school stuff but somewhat fun. Hey, why dontcha put more bands in your blog other than the ones u seem faithful to? My bf also plays in a band and Covered in Bee’s opened for the Pier. Waz up with the few you talk about? Peace out.

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  2. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the dudes in Covered In Bees yet. My blog is brand new, and I’m open to meeting and seeing new bands. It’s a big world out there, and I have to start somewhere. I appreciate the criticism, and all I can say is I’m working on expanding my network. It’s only me, a lunch hour and no Internet at home to work with. It’ll take time, but that’s why I depend on people like you to put me in the know. \m/

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  3. I just saw this comment…Nothing for nothing, but your comment Kel would sway me away from checking out anything you are trying to make notice of. The “Bash what you’re doing, talk about what I’m doing” thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Just had to throw my two cents in. To diss anything going on in others lives is just plain shitty. Might wanna rethink your promotions strategy, as it reflects on those you try to promote for.


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