Whatchu doing tonight?

Well, hello there.  It’s Wednesday and mother nature has finally decided to turn her rag the right way around.  Don’t panic- that bright thing isn’t harmful (well, technically it is.  Skin cancer and shit.  SPF for the win).  Now’s a good time to get out of your dwelling and check out some local music.  There’s some funnnn shit happening tonight, so hold on Charlie, we’re headed for the rhubarb.

How can you resist a show at Mathew’s Pub?  It’s difficult to, especially when some fucking awesome bands are playing there.  Such is the case tonight.  Get ready for some hardcore, psychobilly surf rock!  I cannot properly convey how much fun this show will be.  Thee Icepicks (Portland) http://myspace.com/surfbelowzero (did I read that correctly?  Myspace?  I’m dying.  That is the best.  You may also check them out on the ol’ bookface), The Murder Weapon (Portland), The Living Deads (touring psychobilly duo.  For real.  Their location is wherever the RV is parked;  www.thelivingdeads.com) and a special solo performance from Elvirus Outsider of The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels (Shapleigh) http://theoutsidersrocknroll.com.  I got the chance to see The Outsiders anniversary show a short while back at PHOME.  Holy.shit.dude.  (that means holy shit, roughly translated in Speak and Spell) With the exception of Elvirus, (who claims that he’ll be behind a kick drum making animal sex noises all night) these are all bands that I haven’t had the privilege of seeing yet, but god damn I hope to change that soon.  Punkabilly/psychobilly music is just plain fun.  It makes me want to dance and slap someone in front of their own momma, simultaneously.

Elvirus Outsider of The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels, getting all psycho on the guitar at Portland House of Music and Events.


I’m wicked curious to check out The Murder Weapon, featuring the lead guitarist from Hello Newman (Portland’s kick ass 90’s alternative cover band that I like to follow around like a damn groupie), Derek Johnson, on upright bass.  That’s one talented motherfucker, right there.  I’ll never forget the time he came in a little late to a Newman show at Bull Feeney’s, and when I asked Jim Roberts (lead vocals/guitar) where Derek was, Jim’s response was “he’s at his other, hard-core band practice and will be along soon.”  My ears did that thing that dog’s ears do when they hear a can of food being opened.  A brand new band to see!  Bam-a-lam-a-ding-dong.

$6 gets you through the door to a beer chuggin’, deviant-filled good time.  It’s gonna be a fun one, my friend (you must be 21+, because alcohol).  The weather is nice, the music is loud and the beer is flowing.  Go enjoy yourself and support the local bands that call this state home.  Music and animal sex noises start at 8pm.

\m/ \m/





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  1. “It’s Wednesday and mother nature has finally decided to turn her rag the right way around. ”



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