Sliding Into The Week Like Something That Slides

Um, tomorrow is June and stuff.  Just thought I’d point that out.  Time just slips away as we carry on like worthless drones, trudging through our days, pretending to do our jobs.  We jump through hoops for dimes, as Jon from Loki would say.  Or maybe that’s just what I do…

Regardless, we are heading into the busiest part of the year, scene-wise.  There are shows nearly every night, and definitely every weekend.  I’ll do my best to keep up.  Work and life have definitely kept me busier than normal, and I just learned that I’ll be returning to the radio airwaves.  Help you all.  The lethargy is real, folks.  I could use a vacation filled with sun, sand, margaritas and metal.  Bonus points if I get to hide the bodies of my enemies- I mean, water ski…

Courtesy of Pinterest. Uh oh.

Starting this week of shows off with a bang is Portland’s twang-punk duo Buddusky at Geno’s tomorrow night.  Now, I’m not sure I’ve heard twang-punk before, but I gotta say I’m intrigued.  Maybe I have heard it before and just wasn’t sure what the hell I was listening to.  That happens to me because I’m me and that should be enough for you to understand.  Buddusky are releasing a new EP on AYKM? Tapes! (Are You Kidding Me?, a DIY label that is putting on this fab night of music) and will be jamming the night away along with $300 (this band is getting a ton of buzz lately, ya might wanna check ’em out!) and Safe/Word.  You’ll feel good knowing there is no cover for this show, which happens to fall on June 1st, which is probably when your rent is due.  You can support local music for free.  Just bring yourself and that friend who’s just a little bit “off”.   21+, 9pm, Geno’s Rock Club.  You’re welcome.


Friday, June 2nd is the day many have been waiting for.  Spencer Albee’s “Relentlessy Yours” album release show at Port City Music Hall with special guests Starcrossed Losers and Mosart212.  $12 advance, $15 day of show.  18+, music at 8pm.  You can pick up the new album now at Bull Moose locations or you can stream on Spotify.  You know, whatever you prefer.  I’m not your mom.  He’s a wicked talented motherfucker, let me tell ya.  Enjoy.


Have Friday night off and want something just a bit heavier to fill the void between your earholes?  I hear ya.  How ’bout Hessian?  Awwwwyeahhhhh mmmmettttaaaalllll.  Hessian returns with a new lineup and new material, specifically designed to melt that grin right off that thing you call a face.  Geno’s will be the gateway to a good old-fashioned facemelting Friday night.  Worshipper returns to Portland along with newcomers Facepaint (sleaze rock!) to rock the fuck out with Hessian.  This night is presented to us by Septic Lizard and is also the annual celebration of the life and legacy of actor Doug McClure.  It’s cool if you don’t know who that is.  Neither do I.  Frankly, I’m too lazy right now to look it up.  Like I said, the lethargy is real.  I barely have the energy to get up from my desk and get yet another cup of coffee.


Saturday brings us a shit ton of shows.  It’s like shitsgiving or shitsmas, but with good shit, like Objet, Devils Nite Out, Port City Saints, Trial By Stone, Sygnal To Noise, 13 High, The Resistance, Venndetta, Weapons At Hand, Dirty Rotten Winter, Revision, Loki, Arta’sin, Second Sight, Lone Wolf James and many more.  Stop by the blog tomorrow for more details on this weekend’s debauchery, along with some extras thrown in there for good measure- like a really shitty trail mix.  The peanuts can GTFO.

See ya tomorrow.








One thought on “Sliding Into The Week Like Something That Slides”

  1. Always Awesome!!! Thank You for ALL that you do for our great local music scenes in New England, Heather!!! You Rock Derperella!!! \m/\m/


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