In Case You’re Bored This Weekend…

Normally, I like to begin each blog post with my pathetic attempts to break the ice, but there’s so much happening this weekend that I’m just gonna dive right in.  Cheers!  It’s the freakin’ weekend.  That’s as far as I’ll go with that quote.  I refuse to actually quote an R. Kelly song.

Why don’t we begin with Rock Fest 2 this Saturday night?  Yes, let’s do that.  Iron Tails Saloon and Krazy I Productions present a night of local rock ‘n roll that you do NOT want to miss.  I mean, holy hell- check it:  Sygnal To Noise, Pistol Shot Gypsy, 13 High, Lone Wolf James, The Resistance, Sex Coffee and Venndetta will be sharing the stage on what will undoubtedly go down as one of the best fucking nights of local music so far this year.  I have been waiting as patiently as I can for the return of Venndetta.  I ran into Dom, Venndetta’s front man, at Sygnal To Noise’s listening party for their upcoming album earlier last month, and he said he was pumped to start playing venues again and that he’s excited for us to hear their new material.  The wait is almost over!


The Resistance never disappoints.  If you’ve never seen this young band perform, you are in for some kind of treat.  Front woman Sierra Carey has a voice that will stun you.  Their original music is fabulous, and if you’re lucky, they’ll bust out some Highly Suspect, and they’ll fucking nail it.  Trust.  I’ve seen Lone Wolf James once when they played with Sygnal at the old Mr. Goodbar in OOB.  The hair, the clothes, the guitar solos…wow.  American rock ‘n roll at it’s best.  You’ll see.  I’ve yet to see Pistol Shot Gypsy (although I have heard their music, courtesy of our friend Allen who owns Live@212 in Westbrook.  Dude is fanatical about this band, with good reason) and I haven’t actually seen 13 High or Sex Coffee yet, either.  Like any normal human being, if you want to hear any of their music before deciding on whether you’ll attend or not, then that’s what the internet is for 😉  Tix are $8 in advance or $12 at the door with an ID that says you’re 21+.  Show starts at 6pm.  They’ll blow your hair to the back of the auditorium!


Up the road a bit in Portland, is a rock/punk/metal show that sounds like it’ll be a banger.  Second Sight is returning to Mathew’s Pub along with Trial By Stone, Port City Saints, Dirty Rotten Winter and Re:vision.  Um, yes please.  Mathew’s is one of my favorite places to see a show.  Sometimes it’s on the patio upstairs, sometimes it’s inside.  It’s good no matter what.  I’ve seen all these bands multiple times, with the exception of Second Sight.  I saw them once, at Mathew’s, coincidentally.  River Banks deserves the credit for bringing these bands to Mathew’s.  Nicely done, man!  Cover is $3 at the door and of course, ya gotta be 21+.  Don’t make me cut you in half and count your rings…


Want more hard rock/metal?  You got it, dude.  Port City Promotions presents Objet, Loki, Weapons At Hand, Beneath The Machine and Devils Nite Out at The Cage in Lewiston Saturday night.  That’s June 3rd, for those following along at home.  $5 gets your ass through the door for a night of music that will rip your face off.  Seriously…these bands, man.  After the week I’ve had, I need my brain material to be vibrated around a bit.  This should do it.  Doors at 7 with music starting at 8.  Also, due to last minute issues, Last Ones Alive will not be able to play this show.  I know, I’m bummed too.


For those traveling to Bangor this Saturday, or for those of you who live in the area, there’s a show for you!  Metal On Main Street is gonna be a fucking ripper.  Chaos Machine, Seize The Vatican, Destination: Void, Ripfence and The Waking Life (who are opening for a national metal show at Port City Music Hall next week!!  For real, look it up.  Fucking outstanding, guys!)  These bands are going to tear Seasons Downunder Club apart…for real.  All this metal for only five bucks!  Doors at 6:30, noise at 7.  21+ with valid ID at the door will get you a proper face melting.  You will be unrecognizable to your family afterward.

Want some good ‘ol American rock?  Fifth Freedom is headlining a show at Live@212 in Westbrook Saturday night, joined by special guests Labor Pains, Time Out Timmy and Hogans Alley!  It’ll be a night of punk rock and southern American rock.  Odd, maybe.  Delicious, definitely.  Free show, 21+, 8pm.


Still not satisfied?  How about Soul Chamber LIVE at White’s Cue Connection in Gray, Saturday night?  Southie Heights presents My Tempered Soul, Interloc and Not Yet Lost starting at 8pm.  $3 gets you music, plus free pool, darts and beer pong (I absolute suck at this game, fyi).  Hell yes!


Annnnd last but not least is a kickass show at Geno’s in Portland with Curse the Sun (CT), Gorcrow (VT) and Apollyon (Portland fucking Maine).  Whoa.  Mmmmettttalll.  Show starts at 9, shitheads!

So, there’s a ton of rock and metal happening on Saturday.  Holy tapdancing metalheads on a cracker, Batman.  I need a Jack and Coke, now…whew.  I hope you’ll get out and support local Maine music this weekend.  There’s plenty to choose from, as you can see.  No matter where you are, you’re sure to find something that will taste good to your palate.

Until next time, horns high, motherfuckers!





One thought on “In Case You’re Bored This Weekend…”

  1. #THIS is why everyone from EVERYWHERE else wants to come to Maine….Because of all of the great events/venues/bands, because our scene is on FIYAH in Maine and because of Peeps Like YOU Heather, that keep the scene THRIVING, Fresh and informed!!! You Rock Steady Derperella!!!!


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