Onward, buttercup. There’s musical infections to spread.

If you found yourself wondering where I’ve been the past week and half, just know that I was thinking of you.  Nowhere near as much as I was thinking about my cat, but still.  Legit almost had to put the poor little fuzz face to sleep.  He had surgery and he’s all good now, but he’s one lucky son of a bitch bastard, let me tell ya.

Look at this cute little bastard in a cone of shame. Look at how alive he is.

Worrying about my fur baby sucked up every ounce of energy that I had, which on any given day, isn’t very much.  I did think about music and this blog nonstop, however.  Not sure why, but I always feel a little guilty if I don’t post at least once a week.  I hope I’m not dropping any balls, you know?  Regardless, my cat is alive and I can put my focus back on the local scene, instead of how I’m going to pay for my cat to remain on the right side of the dirt.

Let’s get down to business, fancyface. TONIGHT in Lisbon at the Friends Lodge is a metal show that is perfect for that midweek slump.  3rd World CD & Compilation presents Massachusetts thrashers Black Mass and Toxic Cross with special guests When Muppetz Attack (hell.yes.) and newcomers to the Maine metal scene, Morbid Intent.  This show is gonna be a banger.  Also, it starts nice and early at 6:30, so you can get your metal fix and also have the wherewithall to get out of bed in the morning to drag your sorry ass to work.  I can’t say for sure, but usually there is a small cover charge at the door.  I’d be prepared with a five spot, just in case.  Enjoy your facemelting.

Toxic Cross

Friday and Saturday are going to be fucking insane.  This Friday, 6/16, it’s a punk/thrash fest as The Labor Pains (NH.  Close enough to be local for me.  http://thelaborpains1.bandcamp.com), Eyeball (http://eyeballmaine.bandcamp.com), Gant (from Sanfid, bub!  Check ’em out on the ‘ol bookface ), and Cryptid (thrash from Maine, http://www.cryptidslaughter.bandcamp.com) are playing Mathew’s Pub in Portland with touring bands ZOMBII, WhoopiSticks, The F.U.’s (hard core punk from Boston) and Point Blank.  This is one helluva line up, yeah?   How can this not be a badass show?  Any bands who list Rancid and The Ramones as influences are A-Ok in my book.   As with any establishment that serves the alcohol, you gotta be 21+ to get through the door.  Cover is $10.  For 8 bands, four of which are on tour and need the gas money and shit, $10 is fucking reasonable.  How can this not be a badass show?  Support musicians, for they are the ones that make our ears two of the happiest parts of our bodies.


Same night, different venue, is a night of local rock that I’m just itching for.  I don’t believe they make a cream for it.  Do they?  Dirty Rotten Winter, Acoustified, Project 246 and Re:vision will be in the house to give you a good earjob.  Want one?  Go to Live@212.  Pay no dollars at the door.  Be 21+.  There ya go.  Noise starts at 8, courtesy of Port City Promotions.  I know the flyer says Ea Indigo is playing this how, but they are not able to perform Friday.  If your rock band would like to play, or you know of a local band who would be perfect for this bill, hit up Port City Promotions on FB and let ’em know!  Cool.

If you’d like a second helping, consider this kind of like a double-header at Live@212 because there’s another show Saturday night featuring some local metal bands and a couple other metal bands from neighboring states.  Raaaaage duuuuude.  I’m talking ’bout Uncertainty (the bass player/lead vocalist looks great in a dress.  Check it), Weapons At Hand, and Years Go By.  Joining them is Crypitus from the Green Mountain State and Without Warning from Mass.  It’s a 21+ show with no cover charge.  Just go and get your face melted.  Quick, like a bunny!


Saturday in Dresden, is the Y Wouldn’t U Plan Ahead Potluck and Pig Roast to support Maine musicians and community.  Lotsa fun up in them hills.  Is Dresden hilly?  I honestly don’t have any idea.  This is an all day event, starting around 11am and going until 10:30pm.  Whole buncha bands, food and fun.  Seriously, like 16 musical acts this year, including Arta’sin, Spectrobot, Port City Saints, Angel Slayer, Dirty Rotten Winter, Dark Rain, and host band Y Wouldn’t U.  It’s $10 per person, $20 gets you a VIP pass.  This is second year the band has hosted this event, and this year they’ll record it live and make it into a DVD.  Oh, memories.

Now that I’m back and I can put my focus where it should be, I’ll keep your face updated on upcoming shows.  Feel free to hit me up on my blog’s facebook page, Behind The Local Scene With Heather if you have info on shows or new local bands.  Help me help you.  Help me help you.  Coming up on the blog: a band interview, my craptastic review of a local punkabilly album, and much hyping up of new albums and shows, including a couple that I’ll be emceeing.  I’m ready to get back at it with renewed fervor and a shit-ton more attitude.







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