Horns High.

There’s no better feeling in the world than doing what you love and having people respond positively to it.  Whether you’re a musician and you have a bunch of screaming fans holding their horns high while your band plays, or you’re a lowly little traffic director/radio dj who writes a local music blog and finds out that your sales people read it and dig it (hi, Barb!).  However, there will always be people who will try to tell you that what you do isn’t good enough, or worse–that it’s pointless.

I sometimes let those people get to me.  I often wonder why I even bother doing this.  Who will read it, anyway?  Who cares?  It’s a rabbit hole that I get sucked into more often than not.  I can’t remember the comment exactly, or who said it, but one person expressed that there were already local music blogs in the Portland area and that they were better.  Ok.  I can accept that.  I bet they don’t use the word “fuck” as much as I do, though.  So, I have that going for me.

Coopa singing “Punch The Clown” as a clown gets ready to stage dive.  Because yes.

One fella that I’ve come to know and have mad respect for is Coopa from Sygnal To Noise.  His mindset is rather simple; do what you have passion for and do it well.  Naysayers and nonbelievers can exit to the left.  Rock music has suffered a lot over the years, and what Sygnal To Noise is trying to do is put the fun back in rock ‘n roll.  From my viewpoint, they’re accomplishing what they fucking set out to do.  Passion.  Fun.  Love.  Fuck the haters.  I can get behind all of that.

Sygnal To Noise with former drummer Austin Cooper at Live@212 December, 2016.

Turns out, the respect is kinda mutual.  Coopa asked me to emcee Sygnal To Noise’s album release party this Saturday at Champions in Biddeford.  I’ve been waiting to get my hands on their new album, “Horns High” since May when I went to their CD listening party.  I cannot wait for you to hear what these guys have done.  If you love “Without Color” and “Under Construction”, then you are gonna flip when you hear this new album.  I have a few favorites, including “Politician Man”, “Cliche” and “Neurotic”, but the whole album is absolutely fantastic.  It’s pure, fun rock ‘n roll.  Recorded at The Halo in Windham, this record is something Coopa, Dirty Dave, John and Sonny (and previous drummer, Austin!) can be extremely proud of.

Hey, my name’s on here!  Much excite.  Guess which station logo I’d set fire to…

Join us this Saturday night, 7/1, at Champions in Biddeford as we celebrate the release of this spectacular album.  Sygnal will be joined by special guests Fifth Freedom and Drivetrain.  Didn’t I ask for this lineup a few blog posts ago?  Dreams can come true!  Get there before 8pm so you don’t miss a single note.  This is going to be such a great time for fans of local rock (or rock in general, really).  Drivetrain is that dirty, classic sounding rock ‘n roll that makes you want to don your leather jacket and crack a beer while hightailing it in your vintage Charger (I do not condone drinking and driving.  You’ll get my foot in your ass if you pull a stunt like that…).  Fifth Freedom is that good ‘ol southern rock that is like your favorite pair of blue jeans–it just feels good.  Sygnal To Noise is the thumping, modern  one of the bunch.  Don’t let the stage getups confuse you-these guys are not scary and they do not worship Satan.  In other words, don’t judge a fucking book by it’s ridiculously bitchin’ cover.

Alan Jones of Fifth Freedom, wailing on the geeetarrr.

Rock ‘n roll.  Good friends.  Drinks.  Laughter.  Saturday is going to fucking rule.  I can’t wait to see you all out there, supporting local music.  JustinSane of Granite Coast Entertainment and Wayne Benson of Boston Rock Radio will both be there broadcasting live!  Radio peeps unite! (unless you’re one of those douchey radio people that I’ve met/worked with.  You can stay your stupid, motherfucking cliquey ass home)  Bring some dollahs for band merch, of course!  You’re gonna want to nab the new album and a little something from Fifth Freedom and Drivetrain, too.

Drivetrain.  Yes, they have a bass player.  He’s on the other side.  Sorry, Ben!

It’s good to see Sygnal doing what they love to do and squashing doubts about what rock music can be.  If you love what you do, you are fucking untouchable.  Hold your horns high, and your head even higher.  Like, to 11.

I stole dis.  Coop signed it.  I guess it wasn’t stealing if he knew about it.  Shitty criminal.

I might not have the best music blog.  I might not be Portland’s elite.  Hell, you might not even like me.  You know what, though?  I don’t give a good God damn.  None of us should give a good God damn.  We should all do what drives us, whether it’s music, art, food, or in my case, radio.  Only keep the people around who respect us and support you.  All others can flag it, as my mother used to say.  Now, let’s motherfucking rock.

\m/ \m/





One thought on “Horns High.”

  1. As Always Sistah….You Hit the nail on the head…or rather, you hit the hatahs in the head! Screw the cliques…The people who hold onto cliques and compete and down anyone else for doing their thing…..can suck it!!! ALL of us TRULY appreciate everything that you do for music. Whether it is just liking or sharing a post or writing your amazing blog and emceeing some killah events!!! Keep Doing YOU….Because YOU Rock Steady Sistah!!!! See You Saturday!!!


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