Bringing The Rawk Back To The Capital.

Well hello, you sonsabitches.  Been a minute, I know.  *insert excuses here*.  Regardless, I’m here.  Medicated.  Here we go.

I’ve been told by many in Maine’s scene that live, local music used to happen in the Augusta area years ago, but it just kind of died off.  Sad.  Is it that people lost interest?  Was there no new talent?  Did venues close?  Did the local rock station change management and get rid of the people who supported the bands/local music? (Yeah, I said it.  What.)  Nowhere for musicians to melt faces of unsuspecting locals?  Whatever the case may be, that’s going to change this Saturday.  Oh, Augusta, you’d better gird your loins.

River Banks and his band Second Sight ( is bringing live, original rock and metal back to Augusta.  It’s about friggin’ time, bub!  Join Second Sight, Loki (, Arta’sin ( and Dirty Rotten Winter ( for a night of facemelting that you didn’t know you needed.  Maybe you did.  I don’t care, really.  You need it.


Saturday, July 15 at Shenanigans on Water Street in Augusta,  shit will get real.  Loki (central Maine) has some new songs that they just released (that were spun by Rushman on 107.9 The Mix.  Chris Rush, I salute you and your willingness to support the local scene.  Keep that shit up, yo), and Second Sight (Augusta) is releasing their first 10-song LP “Daydreams and Nightmares”.  Way to go, fellas!  Arta’sin (Winthrop) will have copies of their debut album, “Circles” on hand for purchase, and be sure to check out the Dirty Rotten Winter (Augusta) table as well.  They make some kickass DRW shirts, just sayin’.  Bleach is involved.  Fuckin’ metal, duder.

Dirty Rotten Winter, meltin’ faces at Herd Flock, September 2016.  Nice getups, fellas.


Let’s pack Shenanigans and show the people that live, local, original rock and metal is alive and well.  This state is brimming with talent, and there’s no fucking reason why the public shouldn’t know about it.  I hope this show will open the door and begin a new era for Maine’s capital.  Maybe some uptight politicians will join in the fun?  I’d pay to see that, except I don’t have to and neither do you.  This is a FREE show.  21+ only with ID.  Doors open at 7 and the noise starts at 8.

Every one of these bands is absolutely stellar.  Loki has been around for years and has damn near been a household name in Maine.  Their last EP, “Audio Alchemy” is currently on repeat for me.  Listen to “Get This Right” and trust me.  Arta’sin’s new album is killer, with “Undeniable” being a fan favorite.  Dirty Rotten Winter just celebrated a year of performing live together, and every time I see them they just get better and tighter.  Jeff and Josh switch off on lead vocals, which isn’t something you see often with local bands.  Think about that.  Second Sight is a band I’ve only been able to see once, but I can tell you that they don’t mess around.  I’m very proud that they’re putting out an LP.  I don’t think people realize how much time, effort, and resources go into making an album.  Hats off, gentlemen.

Pack it in, like these motherfuckers.

Saturday could be the night that everything changes for the better.  Go and be a part of it!  Support your local rock/metal scene and pack that fucking place.  If I can’t make it, please have a rum and Coke for me (ok, three) and hold your horns high, as I would.  Fuckin’ A.

Oh, and I’ll say fuck as much as I want to.  Don’t like it?  Stop reading.




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