We All Went Down To Herd Flock

I was thinking back to last September, and one of the best memories I have is of Herd Flock.  What is Herd Flock, you ask?  Why, it’s only the most fun outdoor metal/rock fest in the motherfucking state!  Yeah, I motherfucking swore again.  Wanna do something about it?  Fuck you off a cliff.  Twice.

Proudly presented by local metal band Culling The Herd in association with Port City Promotions, this three-day outdoor extravaganza is one of the best damn times you’ll have in your pathetic life.  Sorry.  That was uncalled for.  I’m running on two hours of sleep and I haven’t eaten.  Seriously, though.  Camping, metal, rock ‘n roll, fishing, comedy, punk rock, alternative, hardcore, a sword eater (new this year.  Dude was on Ripley’s), hip-hop, metal, tree-kissing bonfires, selfies with a police officer (hope that happens again this year, I can’t lie), food, tattoos and piercings on-site courtesy of Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing, metal.  I said metal three times because duh.


You know this is an out of control fire when Adam Begin of all people whispers in your ear, “THAT can’t be good…”


I’m very glad Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce is in July this year.  It was so cold last September.  I’m not sure how Mike and I didn’t freeze to death in his tent.  Must have been the vodka that saved our naked asses.  We raised a few eyebrows showing up together last year.  Even more were raised when I said I was staying in his tent.  Ah, sweet, awkward memories.  Better than doing it on the side of Brown Street in Westbrook, I suppose.  That didn’t happen.  Yes, it did.


Nick Morin and Show of Stillborn Condition, Michael da Gomes of Culling The Herd and my bedroom, and Ryan Newton of Weapons At Hand and Port City Promotions at Herd Flock last year.  Love these dudes forever.


If you love local music as much as I do, then this festival is for you.  Bands like Devils Nite Out, Seize The Vatican, Drivetrain, Years Go By, Port City Saints, Last Ones Alive, Angel Slayer, Dark Rain, Destination: Void, Bloodborn, The Great North, and even a few from out of state, like Taken, will be performing.  Friggin’ right, bub.  If you’re in a local band, you should come check this out.  Maybe you can perform next year!  That would be rad.  Come support, don’t hate.  In other words, don’t run your mouth about what your band is doing while tearing down others.  That makes you look like a shitty person.  Maybe you are a shitty person?  I’d put money on that.


Look Ma, my name’s on here!  I finally made it.


Join the fun this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Richmond, Maine.  With 25+ bands/acts, Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce is bigger and badder than last year.  Everyone is welcome.  You don’t have to be part of the “scene” to be invited.  Come one, come all.  Unless you’re a douchebag.  We don’t want any drama.  Bring the drama, and you’ll be escorted off the property.  This is a friendly gathering of people who just want to have a good time while seeing tons of live, LOCAL music.  $20 donation gets you into the fest for the whole weekend.  Bring your tent, sleeping bags, food and drinky-poos and come have the weekend of your life.

I’ll be your emcee again this year.  I’m bringing my motherfucking A-game, too.  Hope you like profanity and lame jokes, kids.  Sound will be provided by Greg Burns-Jackson (Stillborn Condition and Project 246.  Both bands are playing the Flock this year!) and Michael da Gomes (Culling The Herd.  Live-in boyfriend extraordinaire).  You should see all the shit they’re hooking up…this broadcast school grad is drooling over here.  I like to press buttons.


Dirty Rotten Winter performing at Herd Flock.  The caped one fell asleep in a hole for thirty minutes last year.  Herd Flock MVP, right there.  You’re in the presence of greatness, folks.


There are other festivals, but this one takes the German chocolate cake.  Good people.  Great music.  Lasting friendships.  I hope you’ll come out and join in the shenanigans/debauchery.  Think about it: you can mosh without the limitations of walls or tables!  Hells to the yes.  Let the crowd surfing commence.  Dick down, of course.

Come support local music while enjoying a care-free, fun weekend with hundreds of your closest friends.  It’ll be tripping the lights fantastic.

\m/ \m/


*Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce is held at 450 Main St. Richmond, Maine.  Weekend passes are $10-$20 donations with $1 of every donation going to the Richmond Public Library.  Kids 15 and under are free (we’re not giving kids away.  Who the fuck would want any?).  No day passes will be given.  No drama.  Leave the bullshit at home, or you won’t be welcome.  This is supposed to be a fun time, not a time for you to come in here with your attitude and violence/shit talk.  Can’t leave the drama?  Stay your stupid ass home, fartnugget.

The Flock starts at 4:20 Friday, July 21st and everyone needs to be off the property by 3pm on Sunday, July 23rd.

Herd Flock is sponsored by Lilly Auto/Fleet Repair (thanks to Pete for using his land!), Lilly Farm, Boston Rock Radio, Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing, Culling The Herd, and my motherfucking attitude.

For a full schedule, list of bands and acts, vendors, and rules please visit Culling The Herd’s Facebook page.

Rock on, bishes.