Flock Yeah!

It’s been four days since Herd Flock 2: The Big Deuce wrapped up, and I’m still recovering.  Massive sleep debt, sunburn, dehydration, back pain from sleeping on what I think was a rock formation and mystery bruises.  Worth it.  Three days of 23+ metal, rock, punk, and acoustic bands singing about Rick Flair has me feeling tired and satisfied.  Get that mind out of the gutter, sugarbritches.

I arrived early Friday afternoon and watched as Greg Burns-Jackson (Stillborn Condition and Project 246) and Michael da Gomes (Culling The Herd) set up the elaborate sound system.  The setup this year was nothing short of impressive.  A Mackie mixing board, large bass bins, huge racks (hehe)… truly incredible.  If we could be heard from Topsham or Augusta I would not be surprised.  I like things that make a lot of noise: guitars and boys.  Well, just one boy.  Man.  He has a beard.  Beards are hot.

Greg and Mike, sound dudes. Phot by Wayne Benson, Boston Rock Radio.

I watched (and set up camp) as the stage was put together.  Like last year, the stage was donated by David Peterson of Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing.  He and wife Patricia set up camp in front of the stage with their bitchin’ camper that they also use as a portable tattoo and piercing parlor.  Very clean and sterile on the inside, they were offering piercings and tattoos all weekend long.  I got my nose pierced on Friday.  I can vouch for how cool this portable parlor is.  Dave and Patricia have got life figured out.  Best seats in the house! (well, the back 40).

Wayne Benson of Boston Rock Radio came this year! He did band interviews and now has a lot of this year’s local bands on rotation on his station! Hell yeah! Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

Once things were set up and everyone got their campsites ready, it was time to throw down.  Who better to get things rolling than Destination: Void?  Lucas Damen and crew tore that stage a new one and set the tone for the weekend.  Dirty Rotten Winter, Drivetrain, Seize the Vatican and Stillborn Condition followed well into the night.  Moshing ensued.  Who the fuck wears flip flops in the pit?  This idiot.  In my defense, it was too hot outside for any other type of footwear.  Pushing, shoving, dancing, yelling, horn-throwing…good times.  Oh, and did I mention there was a sword and fire swallower?  Nick Penney is one talented, psycho son of a bitch.  I mean that as a compliment.  He let a girl stomp his face onto broken glass and for $2, you could staple the money to his body.  I can now say that I have stapled paper currency to a human being.  Metal.

Destination: Void rocking the stage. Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

It must have been around midnight or so when Mike and I slipped into our tent, completely exhausted from the day’s events.  Now, if you attended Herd Flock last year, you know that sleeping doesn’t happen.  People stay up and party until the sun comes up, literally.  I think we might have gotten two hours sleep Friday night, tops.  Thank god for eggs and bacon and a Dunkin Donuts that is only about a mile from camp.  That coffee tasted like it came straight from the river of Jesus.  Onto day two.

Nathan Newell of Bloodborn is going to rip your face off. Photo by Amber Leavitt.

Michael Grenda from Enlightened Strangelink kicked Saturday off for us.  The day progressed with acts like Port City Saints (punk rock motherfuckas), Pariah, Angel Slayer, The Great North, Devils Nite Out, Bloodborn, Project 246, Weapons At Hand, Last Ones Alive, Years Go By, Culling The Herd and When Muppetz Attack.  We might have broken the sound ordinance.  Or did we?  Never you mind.   Saturday was a good day.  I tried Hobo Juice.  I helped carry a pitched tent up a hill.  I saw some sick ass local bands.  I hung out with friends who I consider family.  I got to emcee, which I absolutely love to do.

Oh boy, that hat… Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

We slept a little more than we did Friday night, but not by much.  Metal blasting from someone’s car radio until 4am, people shining lights into tents, the sweet sounds of drunken foreplay…ah, Herd Flock.  Sunday morning was a treat to wake up to.  Another Dunkin’ run, followed by hot dog omelettes and Tuesday Morning Wrestling singing songs about Rick Flair and Tony Stewart running people over.  Screw the Sunday paper and crossword puzzles!  Give me coffee, hot dogs and Woos! all day long.

Photo by Wayne Benson, Boston Rock Radio.

Taken came up from Massachusetts, and let me tell you, they will definitely be playing the Flock again next year.  Lead singer Jess is a force to be reckoned with.  Let’s just say they’ll be getting a great time slot next year.  Dark Rain closed out this year’s festival.  I’m glad I got to see them play.  It had been way too long since I saw Kelleigh and company rock the stage.

Scotty and George of Port City Saints. Be still my punk rock heart. Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

Yes, there will be a Herd Flock 3.  This year was such a huge success.  Within the first few hours, it had already made more money than last year.  A sizeable donation was made to the Richmond Public Library from this year’s entry fees.  Well over 200 people showed up to support local music, which is truly an incredible feeling.  Not bad for the second year of this local music festival put on by the band Culling The Herd.  If you love local music, the outdoors, large bonfires, friends and generally like to have a good time, then you have got to come to Herd Flock next year.  It’ll be bigger, badder, and louder.  Also, I just realized I only dropped like, two f-bombs.  Fuck.


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