Half-assing it and I don’t feel bad about it.

It’s hot as balls outside.  It’s hard to get motivated when it’s hot AS BALLS outside.  That being said, I’m sucking it up.  There are so many awesome shows on the horizon, so I kinda have to suck.  Ahem.


Tonight at Live at 212 in Westbrook will be a rock/punk rock show that must not be missed.  How can one pass up a FREE SHOW with Drivetrain, Port City Saints and TORN IN TWO?  One cannot and should not.  We all know my feelings on Port City Saints.  I’m fanatical.  The whole time they were on stage at Herd Flock 2, I stood there staring with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face.  They are simply wonderful.  Melodic, catchy punk rock.  Be sure to check out their new album, “Spreading H.A.T.E”.  It’s pretty wonderful, too.  We also know my feelings on Drivetrain.  Jesus tapdancing Christ on a cracker.  They’re loud.  They’re gritty.  They are the embodiment of classic rock ‘n roll.  They’ll blow in like a hurricane and steal your women and whiskey.  You won’t even be mad about it.


I’ve never seen TORN IN TWO, which sucks.  They’ve played with Drivetrain before and I missed it.  Don’t judge me, bro.  I can’t make ’em all.  They are a rock ‘n roll band.  They’ve played with Drivetrain.  That’s all I need to know for now.  I’m sold.  Can’t wait to see ’em shred.  So, like, go to the 212 tonight.  Plus, this will likely be Drivetrain’s last show until the fall.  See?  Now you have to go.


Also happening tonight is the long awaited cd release party for The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels “iatrophobia”.  I managed to snag myself an early copy of the album and an explanation of what iatrophobia is from Elvirus Outsider himself.  Imma let him do the same for you if you run into him tonight at the show.  Wish I could be there to see the look on your face.  I had my experience at Mathew’s.  So, I have a one up on you. Go to Portland House of Music tonight if you enjoy punkabilly/rockabilly awesomeness.  I know I do.


Tonight at Aura in Portland we celebrate Too Late The Hero’s new album, “Survivor’s Guilt”.  Very proud of these dudes.  I went to college with frontman Jared.  Cool dude.  Cool band.  They have been around forever, and they always put on a killer show.  You can purchase tix through Ticketmaster or at the Aura box office.  Le noise starts at 8 and they’ll open the doors an hour beforehand.  Get you some.


Saturday night will be an ass kicker.  After a year hiatus, Ascent To Power are back!  Hells to the yes.  Get yourself to Auburn for this free metal show at Sapphire’s tap room.  Ascent To Power, Objet, Ripfence, Bloodborn and Spectrobot will all be there to give your face the melting it deserves.  Don’t let your face down.  My face might see your face there.  We can melt together.


It’s too hot for this bullshit.  Until next time, keep your horns held high.  I need a sandwich.  Fuck.