Are You There, Satan? It’s Me, Heather.

Would someone please explain to me where this year has gone?  Is it really almost September?  That is just spit in your face, slap you on the ass mindblowing.  I’ve missed a lot this month while taking a little mental vacation.  I’m sure you understand.  You’re fairly bright.  However, I won’t apologize anymore for not keeping up-to-date as much as I should.  I used to feel guilty until I realized that I don’t get paid for this and I only do it because I love the local rock and metal scene so much.  No one should feel like something they love is an obligation, you know?  Except for maybe children.  Can’t neglect those.  Stupid laws.


Because I love the scene and I love all you people who support it, I continue to do this.  So, how about we get down to bidness?  This weekend, bidness is boomin’.  Today is Fred from Spectrobot’s 34th birthday, and his party is tonight at Live at 212 in Westbrook.  A party it will be, too!  Is there any better way to spend your birthday than to play a local music venue filled with tons of crazy rockers and metalheads?  Lemme think.  Nope.  Coolest.  Bird day.  Ever.  Spectrobot, Devils Nite Out, Dirty Rotten Winter, NOVA, and Thirteen High are showing up tonight to blow the roof off the joint.  Noise starts at 8pm, so be sure to get there a little early so you don’t miss a single shred.


If you’re in the Carrabassett Valley this evening and are looking for some fun, Sugarloaf is putting on their Mountain Bike Festival.  It starts at 2pm with a kids scavenger hunt, followed by group ride clinics and a concert starting at 6pm.  Normally, I don’t showcase events that aren’t strictly concerts, but my college friend Gordon and his band The Crown Vics will be there rockin’ for 4 hours straight!!  Show them some love, and watch my old classmate (who I bought my bass, Margo, from in 2004) slappa da upright bass.  They’re upbeat, fun, punkabilly-esque rock ‘n roll from the Bangor area.  Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.  I’d love to get them down here to play Portland House of Music.  I think they’d be a perfect pairing with Shutdown Brown or Skosh.  Just a thought.


If you’ve been in the scene for any amount of time, chances are you’ve come in contact with Elijah True.  True is the drummer for local rock band An Anderson.  He’s been battling cancer, putting up the good fight everyday while somehow maintaining his positive attitude.  He puts it all out there for us on his Facebook page, giving us updates on his condition and occasionally his thoughts on life in general.  Cancer is a motherfucker.  No one should have to go through it alone, and thanks to SPACE Gallery and the likes of you, he isn’t.  Tons of fans and friends are getting together at SPACE tonight for What Had Happened?  A Benefit for Elijah True.  Johnny Cremains, Mouth Washington, Ossalot and Cryptic Overcast are playing this all ages show.  Donations will be taken at the door with all proceeds going toward Elijah’s medical expenses.  Get to SPACE tonight and support a great musician and friend.  Doors at 7:30, music at 8.


Local rock/blues/Americana band Noonday Crawlers are putting out their new CD “The Desert of When” tonight with a giant party at Portland House of Music and Events with special guest Jordan Kaulback!  I met Jeff Grinner and crew at Rhum in the Old Port when I worked for WCYY.  I had no clue who they were until we all started chatting.  They told me they were in a local band and were working on an album.  Their goal is to jump genres from song to song, which takes a bit of talent.  It’s so cool to finally see it come together!  Join them tonight at 8pm, and check them out at

Stillborn Condition. Notice the two off-kilter ceiling tiles? Yeah, those died that night. They killed them. Hundreds of pieces on the flo’.

If you’re up for a road trip to Rutland, VT, our dear death metal friends Stillborn Condition will be showing ’em how we Mainers do metal at Rick and Kat’s Howlin’ Mouse at 158 N. Main St.  They’ll be joining Crypitus, Humdinger & The Bucksnort (, No Son of Mine, and An Unction iN Braille (MA) for a rippin’ good time.  It’s a free show, but there’s a recommended $5 donation for the bands.  That’s not asking for much.  The boys gotta eat and gas up the autos, ya know.  Doors at 7.  Get your ass there if you happen to be in or near the Green Mountain State.  (My boss used to call Vermont the Island of Misfit Toys when I lived/worked there).


Are you ready to rock tomorrow night?  Are you?  Iron Tails Saloon in Acton is putting on a Summer Rock Party with Fifth Freedom, Storm Kicker, Sygnal To Noise, Lethal Creed and Flight of Fire!  Badass mutha.  Any show that features Fifth Freedom and Sygnal is just fine by me.  Doors open at 6pm, so be sure to get there, get liquored up and stick up your horns.  Tix are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.  You can email to get your tickets and a special FREE bonus!  Is it a bottle of vodka shaped like a guitar?!  A puppy?!  C’mon!  If you don’t like surprises, you can go to to buy your tickets.  Whatever.  I’m not your mom.

Culling The Herd

Want some metal in your life?  Who the fuck doesn’t?  Tomorrow night, August 26th, is Jimmie’s Birthday Bash at Live at 212 in Westbrook.  We’ll wish him a happy bird day by melting his face clean off.  Interloc, Begat The Nephilim (NH.  See also: holy shit), Epicenter (Boston), Along Side, and Culling The Herd will blow out his freakin’ candle.  Did that sound dirty?  I’m fine with that.  21+ show.  Free.  Do itttt.


Are you in the Bangor area?  Like metal?  Head out to Metal on Main tomorrow night at the Downunder Club in Bangor for some of Maine’s most hard-hitting metal bands.  Red from Seize The Vatican has another band called Earthwyrm who are making their debut tomorrow night, along with Widowmaker, Manic Abraxas and Dying Mind.  It’s $5 for those 18 and over.  The bar will be available for those who are 21+.  Get out and support local metal!

Maine’s metal scene. This is how it’s supposed to be. Photo courtesy of Chris Kates, Voodoo Media.

Jesus tapdancing Christ on a cracker…there’s a lot going on.  I hope you’ll be able to make it out to a show this weekend.  The metal/rock scene is waiting for you.  Did that sound creepy?  I’m fine with it.

\m/ \m/