This Is Why I Do What I Do

To say that I’m proud of Maine’s music scene is the most understatediest understatement ever.  You sonsabitches remind me why I do what I do.  I got to witness greatness this past Saturday.  Not only is the local rock scene being brought back to Augusta, where there’s been a dry spell, but Saturday’s show at Shenanigans brought in $98 in donations for the You Rock Foundation for mental health and suicide awareness.  Well.Fucking.Done.

Dirty Rotten Winter, getting things started.

It was my first time at Shenanigans, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  Let me tell you, it is the PERFECT spot for a rock show.  You descend the stairs and you’re immediately greeted with a friggin enormous bar (Auntie H loves her rum and Cokes) with the friendliest bartenders.  Let me just say that when you’re a chick, female bartenders aren’t super nice to you sometimes.  That’s been my experience, anyway.  The bartenders at Shenanigans were super friendly and sweet.  That’s a HUGE deal to me.  Anyway, just had to point that out.  As you look around the room, you see tons of exposed brick, and with the dim lighting, it’s the kind of place you’d expect to find the coolest of the cool.  Seriously.  The place feels very rock ‘n roll.  I hope that the new owner will continue to book rock shows there, because what they have is very special.

Second sight
Second Sight, making lots o’ noise.

I’d like to say thank you to River Banks of Second Sight for putting a ton of his time, energy, and resources into planning the show, booking the bands and promoting the shit out of it.  We had a great turnout, and every band brought their A game.  The sound was superb, thanks to Anthony Barracuda of Barracuda Sound Productions.  What a fucking show.

Arta'sin 2

Dirty Rotten Winter kicked off our special night of noise, followed by Second Sight, Arta’sin and Loki.  I might have lost my shit when they played Jimmie’s Chicken Shack’s “High”.  There must be something in the water at Loki’s practice space, because they crank out some of the most badass, fun-to-watch bassists ( former bassist Seth McClellan, and current bassist Mike Loubier).  I like-a da bass.

Loki.  Dude, it’s Loki!!

I screeched like a fangirl does when Arta’sin played “Undeniable” off their debut album, Circles.  Everyone lost their minds when they covered MJ’s “Billy Jean”.  Oh, and let me just say that Adam Nichols of Loki is a freakin’ manimal.  They covered NIN’s “Wish”, and Nichols, while absolutely destroying the drums, did vocals.  Um… holy shit.  As he was breaking down his kit after their set, I told him he was an animal.  His response, accompanied by a huge grin, was “I like to play.”  I think that sums up our local rock scene pretty well.


\m/ \m/

Oh, and this happened…

Me and Humongous Fungus of Urungus.  Mmmm cake.