Tacos and Chill?

Doooomy doomy doom!  If you sang that in Gir’s voice, then you are my kind of person.  Invader Zim forever.  It’s gloom and doom outside today.  Chilly.  Gray.  Moist.  You know what though, it’s the best time to get out of the house and warm up your tired, evil soul.  Here, let me paint you a picture.

You get out of work and it’s pitch fucking black outside.  You get inside your place and it’s dark.  You go to take your shoes off and your cat trips you in the hallway.  You either sit on the couch and get lost in a Netflix binge and wake up the next morning with a half eaten bag of cheddar popcorn stuck to your face, or you go the typical route and get tacos, because Tuesday.  Don’t get me wrong, tacos are amazing.  However, why don’t you change up the scenery tonight?  You can still get tacos, oh hell yes, but why not add some live music into your routine?  9 out of 10 doctors agree that seeing live music relieves anxiety, depression, and erectile dysfunction.  The 10th doctor is a poo poo head.*


Tonight at 9, you can find me at Empire in Portland for THREE for 3.  It’s this cool thing the awesome peeps at Empire are doing on Tuesdays where you get to see three bands for only 3 bucks!  It’s such an awesome idea to get people out and about to see some cool local bands.  Tonight’s lineup is fire.  Elvirus Outsider (of The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels) is doing a solo set tonight, along with some ska action from Bryce Reed and crew from Sonic Libido and some rockin’ punk from Scotty, Marky and Georgie who make up Port City Saints.

Me and an Outsider

Elvirus (Tim Aballo) is a character.  When he’s not doing the solo thing, you can find him singing and shredding in Meanmugg and The Outsiders PBR.  The facial expressions alone are worth coming out to see (ok, mine’s pretty sweet, too.  Check out my double chin action), but the dude can play his red spiderweb six-string like no one’s fucking business.  The guys in Sonic Libido state that they’re the most hated band in ska.  If I was in a band, I’m pretty sure I would be the most hated, but I’m not, so I’ll let ’em have this one.  They cite their influence as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, so be ready for shit to get weird, I guess.  In my opinion, get ready for some ska with influences by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish, but harder.  Bring them Taco Bell (hey, it is Tuesday!) and girl boobies and maybe they’ll play you somethin’ extra special.  Then we have Port City Saints.  These guys are not your typical, hate-your-face punk rock.  They are melodic, loud, and tight.  It’s not shouty.  It’s perfect.  If it rocks and or rolls, they like it.  I like it, too.

Scotty and George of Port City Saints. Be still my punk rock heart. Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

So.  Who wants to buy Auntie H a taco and hit up a rock show?  Get there at 9 with $3 dollas in hand so you can see some kick ass local music from a bunch of kick ass local dudes.  I can’t think of a better way to blow off steam on a day where you’d like nothing more than to rip the eyes out of someone’s skull.  So c’mon!  Tac ‘n roll!

Mark of Port City Saints, doing what he does. 

Plus, there are pretty lights on the trees all along the Congo.  So, come be festive and shit.


*Pretty sure I’m full of horse shit, but I like you and I’ll do what it takes to get you to eat tacos and rock out with your cock out.