I’ll Deck Your Halls

Fa la la la la, la Valhalla!

Season’s greetings, bitches.  I’ll be honest, I’m having a difficult time getting into the holiday spirit this year.  This makes two years in a row that I’d rather have my tongue stapled to a table than participate in merrymaking.  Take your eggnog and bells and shove ’em up your south pole.

I’m not typically this violent.  I swear.  It’s just been a rough few months and I’m ready to deck some halls…


Join me tomorrow night at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland for the return of Vermont’s Crypitus, along with Imipolex, AngelslayeR, and muthafuckin’ Stillborn Condition.  This one’s gonna be a rippah.  A merry night of metal, if you will.  If you’ve never seen these bands, you’re in for a treat.  Imipolex is LOUD, and the guttural doom growl of Chip Powell will make you feel things deep inside.  Follow that up with the psycho-metal of AngelslayeR and now you’re at a point where you might not remember that it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Nick Morin of Stillborn Condition.  You know you need to see this band.

Crypitus is making the trip from Vermont, so you’d better show up and show them how Maine does metal shows.  Pack the fucking place.  We want them to come back, ya hear?  Check out the heavy metal stylings of Crypitus at http://www.crypitus.com/.

Stillborn Condition. Notice the two off-kilter ceiling tiles? Yeah, those died that night. They killed them.

The night’s headliners are no strangers to Geno’s or my heart.  Stillborn Condition will sweep you off your feet with such tunes as “3 Bitches” and “Too Pretty For Prison”, and let us not forget “Haberdashery”.  Ahhhh, skin suits.  How did Santa know?!

I guess what I’m saying, is get your pansy ass to Geno’s tomorrow night at 9 for some metal and mayhem.  I’m keeping this one short because I’m too fuckin’ lazy to write what doesn’t need to be written.  Get in car.  Go to Geno’s.  Get face melted.  Pretty simple.

See you there \m/ \m/