Rockosaurus Rex: The Musical

I bet the iguanas in Florida are feeling a hell of a lot better right now.  Same.  45 degrees this Friday?  Who’s going to Crescent Beach with me?  You bring the sunscreen, I’ll bring the bevvies.  We can hit the beach, have some nachos and margs at Taco Escobarr and then head out to a show.  What a perfect day! Just kidding.  It’s still going to be cock-knockin’ cold outside and I’m not in the business of freezing my lady lumps.  We can totally still hit up a show, though.


There’s a lot happening this weekend, but I think I’m most excited about what’ll be happening at The Cage.  Three bands that were practically spawned to one day play together, are playing together this Saturday night (1/13, in case a calendar is not in front of that gorgeous face of yours).  I was approached a couple months ago by Ritchie Dan of alt/rock band My Tempered Soul ( about a possible show they’d be hosting at The Cage.  He asked which local bands would complement their sound and be a great addition to the lineup.  First band to come to mind is the young, alt/hard rock band Re:vision out of Lewiston (  With their catchy, driving riffs and bass-heavy sound (my fucking favorite), this was a friggin no-brainer.  Okay.  One band down, one more band to round out the bill.  It took me about 0.2 seconds.

burning time
Burning Time at Mr. Goodbar in OOB, May 2016

Burning Time.  The 4-piece hard/modern rock band out of Portland was the missing piece (  Turns out, My Tempered Soul have wanted to play a show with these dudes for a looooong time.  Well, damn.  It’s like I have ESPN or something.  It’s been over a year since I’ve seen Kris Hype (vocals/guitar), Doug Waycott (slappa da bass/vocals), Carl “Chico” Watson (guitar/vocals) and Dan “Danimal” Aldrich (drummah) together on stage.  I’m overdue.  Here’s a little secret, I love me some metal, but I’m an alt/rock girl at the core.  There, now you know.  Like I give a shit what you think 😉


We have our 3 bands.  We have our venue.  We have Anthony Barracuda of Barracuda Sound Productions handling the wiring and shit.  Now, we just need you.  That’s the easy part.  Cover is only $2 for the night, and may I remind you that La Cage makes some of the best damn drinks in the state.  For realsies.  There are apparently blackmail pics of me floating out there somewhere from my first visit to this establishment.  The drinks are good.  Yep.

Whassup, la Cage?!  I’m a classy broad.


Come hang with me, Auntie H*, and see some heavy-hitting rock from Maine.  Another reason to come out and play, is that this might be Burning Time’s last show until this fall, so you don’t want to miss it.  If they play “Truth Is” off their debut album “This Is One”, I will legit lose my fucking mind.  Like, full-on Gumby meltdown.  You’re picturing it.  Don’t lie.  Green bullshit, everywhere.

I look forward to seeing what the guys in Re:vision have in store for this year.  Every time I see them, I bug them about an album.  I would listen the shit out of it.  Get there nice and early so you don’t miss a riff.  Doors at 8pm.  21+.  Give Josh a hug at the door.

The Re:vision dudes, rocking at Live@212.

I hope to see you this Saturday for a killer rock show.  If you want an amuse-bouche before the plugged-in show in the Lew, get yourself out to Live at 212 this Friday night (1/12) for a night of acoustic music!  Wussy, 10801, Neon Gypsy, Mile 22, Claybourne, Dark Rain, Pretty Sad (Renee Coolbrith…sigh…girl crush), Fistbump the Reverend, and Tried and True (Ryan Newton has a softer side.  I dig it.).  $5 cover gets you in the door for a fantastic night of local acoustic sets.


If that STILL isn’t enough for you, then how about some punk/ska/rockabilly?  Yeah?  Tomorrow night (1/11) at Geno’s, you’ll be treated to Port City Saints, Baltic To Boardwalk, and MeanMugg (hey, Elvirus!).  That sounds like a shit ton of fun.  We all know about my love affair with PCS.  $7 cover at the door, my friend.


Can’t get ENOUGH???  Jesus.  You’re insatiable…  Assholes with Guitars XII tonight at Flask Lounge in Portland.  Check out the acoustic stylings of Kyle Carnage, John G. Bott, Wussy, Matt Andersen, Kyle Christensen, Kyle Henri Andel (for fuck’s sake, how many Kyle’s are alive??) and my favorite asshole, Scotty Saints.  No cover, bitches.

My local music shrine.  Gets bigger and badder every week.  Absent from photo:  drumsticks, guitar picks, many flyers, cds, DNO Devil…. a fuckton.

Alright.  My fingers are running out of gas and I can’t type no mo’.  Bottom line, come see some local music this weekend.  I don’t give any fucks which show you go to.  Just go to one.  Listen to some local shit, too.  Best album so far this year?  Destination: Void “Tempvs Fvgit”.  That shit is life changing.  Oh, and be on the look out for my very first band interview.  I’m in the process of writing it up.  Hint: this is a relatively new band in the scene, and they hold NOTHING back.  The struggle is real.

Love you \m/

*For those confused as to why I refer to myself as “Auntie H”, it’s because I’ll probably never be a mom.  Believe me, no man on earth wants to spawn with me.  Always a bridesmaid…