Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary to me!  It has been exactly one year since I launched this blog.  I started it as a creative outlet for myself, never expecting people to actually read the stupid sludge that I write.  One year later, and I’ve had people not only in America, but England, Thailand and Ireland read my words.  That might seem ridiculous to some, but I’m absolutely flabbergasted.  One year!  Holy shitbiscuits.

This blog is my love letter to Maine rock, punk and metal.  I wanted to give something back to the scene that gave me so much over the past two years.   This scene saved me from myself when things started to fall apart.  It saw me through many mistakes I made in 2016; it got me through the tough decision to leave behind a dream job that wasn’t much of a dream after all; through the eventual ending of my marriage and having to find a place to live; through a new relationship and new position with a new company that I love; through the ending of that relationship and the heartbreak that came along with it; through another mistake and a hospital stay.  If it weren’t for the friendships I made in the scene, I honestly don’t think I’d be here today.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks for saving my stupid ass.

For Behind the Local Scene with Heather’s one year anniversary, I want to share some of my favorite photos from the past year.  Through all the bullshit, there were some great times and great shows.  Let’s take a look.

One of my favorite bands to see live is Fifth Freedom, and it’s partly because I get to see Seth McClellan’s epic bassface.  Keep slappin’ da bass, Seth!!



From that same show at Live at 212 is an epic shot of Fifth Freedom’s front man, Alan Jones.  I dig it.

alan jones

Angela “Bandmother” York’s 30th birthday last year was the shit.  Here she is onstage with hubby Jeff York of Dirty Rotten Winter.


Portland punk rockers Jimmy Jacked rocking the hell out of Lone Pine Brewing.  ‘Nuff said.


Introducing Coopa from Sygnal To Noise to Drivetrain was my greatest matchmaking endeavour.  They do shows together regularly, now.  You’re welcome.


The best moment from Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing’s customer appreciation party this past June.  Adam Begin of Culling The Herd sitting in his blood pile while Dave Peterson mops up his stage.  EPIC.


Myself and JustinSane with Devils Nite Out (plus Show of Stillborn Condition) at Sapphire for Local Music Earth this past summer.


Scotty Saints and Georgy Saints of Port City Saints at their first Herd Flock appearance.  Glad to have you guys back this year for Herd Flock 3: Flock Yeah!

Scotty and George of Port City Saints. Be still my punk rock heart. Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

My first time seeing RUIN at Geno’s Rock Club back in November.  Holy shitsnacks.  This is Craig Carey of RUIN and he makes those drums his bitch.

Craig Carey of RUIN, cheesin’.

When Rich Carey of RUIN loses his guitar strap, he gets some love from Kevin.  Solidarity!!

When your guitar strap breaks, you get support from your other guitarist. Awww. Kevin Whitman takes a knee next to strapless Rich Carey.

Robyn Gray of The Struggle Within.  Bass player.  Girl crush.  Bam.


Nothing better than being surrounded by friends while taking in some Loki.  Love.


Fellow broadcaster Wayne Benson of Boston Rock Radio, doing his thing at last summer’s Herd Flock.  We miss ya, Wayne!

Wayne Benson of Boston Rock Radio came this year! He did band interviews and now has a lot of this year’s local bands on rotation on his station! Hell yeah! Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

Friendy friends.  Local music lovers.  Local Music Earth.



I love all of you so fucking much.  You are why I do this.  There’s no stopping me now.  Here’s to another year, bigger and better than ever.  Fuckin’ A.

\m/ \m/