I Wanna Rock.  (Rock!)

Know what I’ve noticed?  My blog posts are becoming more spread apart than your mother’s legs.  It’s a joke.  Chill out, snowflake.  But seriously,  I need a muse or some shit.  I’ve also noticed that my writing is way more entertaining when I’m pissed off.  I should get another boyfriend, in that case.  Those things always seem to piss me off.  I could get a girlfriend I suppose, but the women I tend to make out with are usually train wrecks who get wayyyyy too drunk at karaoke.  Looks like more cats are in the cards.

In a week that has seemed like one perpetual Monday, there’s nothing I need more than a good old fashioned facemelting.  Well, boudoir time would also be amazing, but who am I kidding?  Let’s stick with something that’s attainable for someone like me.

One of my favorite rock ‘n roll bands are playing Geno’s Rock Club tonight, and I nearly forgot all about it.  Nafuck.  If you’ve never seen Drivetrain, I’m going to have to ask you to reevaluate your life choices.  People say rock ‘n roll is dead?  Pfffft.  I say come out to Geno’s tonight and be proven horribly wrong.

Kevin Beling and company will entice you to the stage with their Camaro rock n’ roll.  Listening to their music is like riding shotgun in some lunatic’s shiny, black muscle car while they drive like a bat out of hell down a two lane road.  Exhilarating.

They’ll be joined by Lewiston’s own Twin Grizzly, and Mass bands Hey Zeus and Heavy Necker.  Rock ‘n roll is alive and well tonight at Geno’s.  I’ll be there.  You should do the same.  Let’s get together and make some noise!  Doors at 8:30, le rawk starts at 9.  $8.  Bam.

Short.  Semi-sweet.  Fuck yeah.  Mafaka.