What’s Shakin’, Bacon? Great. Now I Want Bacon.

I’ve been told I should stick to a schedule when it comes to my blogging.  It makes sense.  You’d know what to expect each week, like Taco Tuesday, but with decidedly less sour cream.  I suppose I could do something like Metal Mondays, Wangs Out Wednesdays, or Fuck You Fridays, where I just rip something a new asshole.  Shit like that takes planning, though.  Be patient with dear Auntie H.  She’s trying to juggle work, apartment hunting, blogging, going to shows, and searching for someone who might actually want my demon spawn before my junk goes bad.

Seeing as it’s Tuesday, and chances are you didn’t wake up drunk, sticky and alone this morning (or maybe you did, in which case, call me next time), I figure you might have the wherewithall to mark some shit on your calendar.  Ready?

Live music = awesome.  Photo by Michael Cox.

Thirsty Thursdays are so much better when live music is part of the plan.  Join Dark Rain and special guests The Resistance at Spring Point Tavern in South Portland this Thursday, April 26th for a night of Maine rock ‘n roll.  Two badass bands with badass female vocalists.  Kelleigh and Sierra will blow you away.  This is a free show, 21+.  The Resistance takes the stage at 9pm, but get there early for some drinky-poos.


If you’re feeling like something a bit heavier this Thursday, check out Geno’s Rock Club in Portland for a night of doomy-hardcore rock.  Jon Morse of Last Mercy Emissions knows how to book a solid show.  Doors open at 8:30 and the noise starts at 9 with Apis Malfiore of Portland (https://apismalfiore.bandcamp.com/), whose music is described as “funeral drone”.  Okay, you have my interest.  Next up is REZN, cosmic doom from Chicago (https://rezzzn.bandcamp.com) and Lume (http://lumeband.com), also from Chicago, whose sound is post-hardcore.  Two bands from Chicago?  Well done, Mr. Morse.  Well done.  Headlining the night is Portland’s This World Has Bees (post-rock, http://thisworldhasbees.bandcamp.com).  Admission is $7 in advance and also at the door.  You wanna get it done now?  www.eventbrite.com.  The mood I’m in right now, I could go for some fucking doom metal.  Shit.


I just glanced at my event calendar, and my brain shrieked.  Holy shit snacks, there’s a lot going on this Friday.  Here we go, muffugggahhhhh!

DNO, myself, and Justin Sane at Local Music Earth 4

13 High headlines at Live at 212 in Westbrook Friday night with special guests Not Yet Lost and Venndetta.  This show benefits a dude that puts his heart and soul into local music and his popular radio show, JustinSane About Music on Granite Coast Radio.  Justin Sane is the biggest supporter of the scene that I’ve met, and one of the nicest guys on the planet.  He suffered a heart attack earlier this month, and gave us all quite a scare.  He’s still here, now with literal metal in his heart.  God bless his fucking tough ass soul.  We love you, Justin!!  This show is for you, because we all think you’re wicked fuckin’ swell.  Doors at 8pm with $5 admission benefiting Justin and his family.



Happening a few miles away at Geno’s Rock Club is some straight up metal.  Hells to the yeah.  Philadelphia’s vets Rosetta (http://www.rosettaband.com/) will be bringing the metal, along with Portland’s own Capture the Sun (prog, http://capturethesunband.com) and KYOTY from New Hampshire (http://www.kyoty.com/).  Sounds like a great night if you wanna blow off some steam nice and proper.  $10 advance at https://rosettagenos.eventbrite.com/ or $15 day of the show.  21+, doors at 8:30, noise at 9.



Up the road a dite in the Dirty Lew is another rock show that I wish was happening right this second because honestly, I need my hair blown to the back of the room.  Augusta’s Second Sight returns to The Cage along with My Tempered Soul and Re:vision.  Ermagherd!!  Rehrvehrsehrn!!!  Had a mini freakout there.  I’m better now.  Seriously though, what a show this will be.  You couldn’t find three bands who go so perfectly together if they were right in front of your face.  Definitely check this one out.  $5 admission, 21+.  There will also be donation jars set out for the American Cancer Society, because every time Second Sight plays, they pick a cause to donate to.  Yet another reason why I love those guys.  Doors at 9.  Don’t give Josh at the door a hard time, unless you like the feeling of my size 7 shoe up your ass.


There you have it, freaks.  That’s what’s going on through Friday.  I’ll hit ya with weekend shit a bit later this week.  Also, don’t forget to hit up open mics around town.  Local musicians play all the time, and you never know what gem you’ll come across.  Sea Dog in SoPo has a good one on Tuesday nights hosted by my friend David Jacquet.  Just sayin’.

Second sight
Second Sight, rocking the hell out of Shenanigans in Augusta.

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