This is Overdue: The Musings of a Crazy Person

I’m really excited, you guys.  Normally, I write this blog when I’m super pissed or depressed.  There’s something about being in those moods that makes me write better, I guess.  It just spews out of me from some kind of demon spigot that is definitely not filtered by a Brita.  Today, I am neither of those things.  I am one content motherfucker at the moment.  I’ve been mostly absent from the music scene for a little while, and while it saddens me and makes me feel a little empty, let me explain my reason for taking a step back recently…

First off, it is temporary.  I’m actually in the process of revamping this site and making a list of bands that I’d like to interview.  I’ve only done one.  Check out my post titled “Getting Real with The Struggle Within”.  If your band would like to be interviewed, hit me up.  I promise I will be better at answering messages on the Behind the Local Scene Facebook page.  I’ve been overwhelmed lately, but my life is getting better and it’s becoming easier to breathe and manage.  I also have albums I’m dying to review.

Me, captured perfectly, enjoying the musical stylings of Devils Nite Out.  Photo courtesy of Michael Cox (Rock Shotz)

I have high hopes, and I’m usually a pretty driven person.  Those of you who know me, know that this has not been an easy 8 months.  A great loss back in April 2017, followed by suicide attempts and a stay in a mental facility derailed me for a while.  I’ve gone through a lot, and I’m not quite back on my feet yet.  I’ve lost a few friends along the journey but honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck.  The fuck could be neon green with giant glittery purple feathers and shitting hundred dollar bills into the sky and I’d still be like, NOPE.

My wall of love.  I seriously tear up sometimes when I look at it.


When I got introduced to this scene by my friend Kris (Burning Time), I was amazed at how easily I was accepted.  Was it solely based on the fact that I was in radio?  Maybe.  From day one, back in April 2016, I was hooked.  I took my role very seriously.  People think that because you’re a dj at a radio station, that you possess power to get music on the radio.  I hate to tell you, but that isn’t accurate at all.  I had and still have zero power over that.  All I could do, and still try to do, is use my public figure status to bring attention to local bands and the scene at hand.  That’s all I ever tried or could promise to do.  Posting on social media, going to and emceeing shows was my way of supporting and “advertising”.  I never expected anything in return.  What the scene has given me, though, has been the greatest gift of all:  myself.  I found me.  There’s nothing I could do to return that favor.  I write this blog for the musicians, to show them that despite how little power or clout I have, that this is my way of supporting them and getting their name as far as I can get it.  Do I work for a pop station now?  Yes.  Does that change how I feel about Maine rock and metal?  Fuck no, and fuck you off a cliff twice if you think it does.


I take this shit seriously.  I love Maine made music of all genres.  Let’s not think that just because I’ve chosen genres for this blog, that I turn my nose up at other talented musicians who happen to play pop or country or African dub metal.  It just means that I’m writing about what I enjoy, because as a human being with free will, it’s well within my rights.  I might occasionally be more inclusive, but it’s a lot of work to keep current with shows/albums/new bands.  A LOT OF FUCKING WORK.  Dude, I’m trying to get my car back on the road, find an apartment, and put max effort into my love life, all while working a full time job.  It would also help if I could get a laptop of my very own so I can blog at home in my spare time.  So, please excuse my snobby, bitch-ass if I don’t immediately return your message or even look at it to begin with for the time being (unless it comes through the Behind the Local Scene FB page).  I don’t care about your feelings on my message etiquette.  Fuck outta here with that.  Know who gets my full attention at this time?  Family, my boss, and the man I’m seeing.


Anyways…LOL.  I just wanted to let y’all know what the status is.  Yes, I’m still going to emcee shows, blog, and attend shows.  I mean, Herd Flock 3: Flock Yah is coming up Labor Day weekend!!!  Hope you’re ready for three days of the most shenanigans you’ll ever see in the Maine woods.  Huge fucking bonfire.  20 some-odd bands.  Camping.  Drinking.  Other things.  Keep on the lookout for the blog post, cuz you know it’s comin’, along with more regular posts on what’s happening with local rock and metal.

Jeff York of Dirty Rotten Winter. Herd Flock 1 and 2 MVP. Rolled down a hill into a tree and slept in a hole for 30 minutes.  Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

Auntie H is here.  Thank you to the musicians, their fans, their families, and YOU for sticking with me.  It means more than you will ever know.