It Took Me 2 Weeks To Write This

Is it just me, or has a lot of shit changed these past few months?  It’s like the universe is kicking our collective ass (fuckin’ Mercury in Gatorade or some shit).  Bands breaking up or replacing longtime members, couples splitting… I hate to say it, but it’s disheartening and has made me take a huge step back from it all.  I don’t adapt well to change (flashback to November when I completely lost my shit.  Ah, memories) and there has been one metric fuckton of it.  I guess that’s why I’ve been radio silent (except for my job!  See what I did there?  I kill me.) for nearly two months.  I mean, my blogs have become spread further apart than a sorority girl’s legs on Halloween.  My focus has been on my personal life, to be quite honest.  I still have a lot of work to do in that regard if I ever hope to be sane enough for someone to say, “This looks safe and reliable.  I’d put my child in it.”

I haven’t been to many shows in a while.  I definitely miss it.  I miss throwing the horns and emceeing shows.  All of it.  So now, I guess it’s time to play catch-up!  There are some new bands, like Dark River Rising, that I got to witness the debut of.  How can you go wrong when Alan Jones (Fifth Freedom) and Sonny Robinson (Twisted Roots) team up for some badass southern rock ‘n roll?  Uh, you can’t.  They played the second night of THeatherfest (my word…) this past Saturday, and I can attest that they are kickass.

alan jones
Alan Jones, String Thing Aficionado, Dark River Rising.

I’m sad to hear that 13 High has called it a day.  I wish I could have been there for their final show.  I’m sorry I missed it.  I promise I’ll get out to some shows soon.  I miss the fam.  I miss the dino-moshing.  I miss the clown suits.  Mostly, I miss how it was two years ago.  Remember 2016?  One of the best/worst years of my fucking life, and I would relive that summer over and over again if I could.  I was new to the scene, and everything was vibrant and exciting.  All these cool local bands at my fingertips, filling my earholes with joy.  I met my favorite local death metal band (Stillborn Condition) and  I crowd surfed for the first time at Live at 212.  I met a radio legend, Rob Kennedy (WTOS) and got to co-emcee an album release show with him at Empire.  I also got to introduce 311 on the Maine State Pier.  Life was, at the time, alright.   Don’t get too content, because the pig spore will eventually hit the wind spinner, amirite?

When your guitar strap breaks, you get support from your other guitarist. Awww. Kevin Whitman takes a knee next to strapless Rich Carey, RUIN.

I know, I know.  This is a music blog.  Write about fucking music, you stupid ****.  Fiiiiine.  Here’s something that caught my eye that I can’t wait for:  RUIN at Geno’s Rock Club.  That’s happening tomorrow night, courtesy of Arrive Alive Records and Geno’s, duh.  Other bands on the bill are Waterville’s own WHEN THE DEAD WON’T DIE (, and NH’s Conforza (  Jesus Jones, that’s quite a line up.  Tix are $10 at the door, which opens at 8:30, Noise starts at 9:30.  21+.  Deathamphetamine was on the bill, but are unable to play.

RUIN’S “Rite of Passage” is a staple in my car, and anyone who rides with me usually goes, “Who is this?  They’re tight.”  You’re god damn right they are.  Look:  You. Are. Fucking. Welcome.


Now, there have been some changes in the RUIN camp.  I’m not gonna elaborate.  That’s for them to say.  It’s our job to show up and get our faces liquified.  RUIN always brings it, and it’s been too long (since December, I think) that I’ve seen them play, so I would like it brought to me.  Silver platter optional.

Todd Bidwell of RUIN. He slappa da bass.

Holy shit, I just wrote a blog.  I’ve been trying to write one for the past two weeks.  My god, I’m awesome.  Just like marshmallows and unicorn farts.

’til next time…

\m/ \m/