Over the Hills and Through the Woods, to the Back 40 We Go.

Here we are again, kids.  It’s August, which means three things:  One, those things you made are going back to school; Two, summer is coming to a close; Three, it’s almost time for Herd Flock.  That’s right ladies and douchenozzles, Herd Flock 3: Flock Yah is almost upon us!  Three days of music, camping, zero sleep, and rolling down hills into trees *clears throat, Jeff York, clears throat again*  is less than two weeks away.  It’s like Christmas, but with zero presents and no magical, pleasantly plump whateverthefuckisit? coming down the chimney.

Jeff York of Dirty Rotten Winter. MVP. Rolled down a hill into a tree. Photo by Joshua Currie of Dirty Rotten Winter.

Look, it’s taking all I have just to write this fucking thing.  I’m listening to Ruin’s “Along The Way” to psych myself up.  I won’t lie, I am in no way mentally ok.  I also cannot promise that verbal sewage won’t leak from the manhole in my face.  But, I promised a write up.  I would also never cross Adam Begin, for we are bat siblings.  He eats ceiling tiles, bro.  Don’t mess with that.

The Struggle Within makes their Herd Flock debut this year.  Get ready.


If you’re new to Herd Flock, I encourage you to go through my blogs and read the one titled “We All Went Down To Herd Flock” and follow it up with “Flock Yeah”.  That will give you a solid understanding of the journey you’re about to embark on if you plan on attending this year’s fuckfest.  I say that as a compliment to the whole ordeal.  It is quite an experience.  Get ready for August 31st, motherfucker.  There’s nothing like Herd Flock.  It’s like a family reunion where the adults run around like lunatics instead of the children, and instead of a bunch of cousins you’d rather not see, there are guitars and drums and people you can staple money to.

This gem from Herd Flock 1.  Dirty Rotten Winter.

If you’re a local music lover, Herd Flock is something you really shouldn’t miss.  Sure, there will be visiting bands from other states, like Taken, Crypitus and VRSA, but they are “local bands” where they’re from.  Plus, Maine’s music scene is super welcoming, and we love making connections and watching badass new bands.  That’s called networking, bitch.  I think I counted correctly when adding up the bands this year.  27.  If that is incorrect, then I don’t know what to tell you other than I can’t count and I’m aight with it.

Photo by Wayne Benson, Boston Rock Radio.

There will be some new local bands, like Alions, 3FD, and Exhuming Pamola, and some local favorites, like Stillborn Condition, Weapons At Hand and Re:Vision.  I am super stoked at the lineup this year!  Aside from the 27 (I’m sticking with that number) bands, we also have to thank Dave and Patricia Peterson from Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing for donating the stage again this year, and for being on hand with their mobile unit.  They will be tattooing and piercing all weekend again this year.  I got a hole punched in my nose last year, and I love it.  They were safe and sanitary and did a great job.  Recommend.

Y’all ready for 3 Bitches in a Bucket?! 1,2,3,4…

I remember the first Herd Flock…holy shit.  We almost set the woods on fire the first night.  Stir fry was made over a garbage can, pretty much.  A cop showed up.  Year two, I moshed in flip-flops, slept on a rock formation, and we almost set the woods on fire again.  No cops this time.  I can’t wait to see what year three brings.  I hope it’s bigger and better than ever.  Ever being two years, but still.  You can find all the info you need on Facebook.  Just fucking look up Herd Flock.  I gotta make you work for some of it.  If you truly want to go, you’ll do it 😉


Bring your tent, sleep in your car, whatever.  It starts at 4:20pm on Friday, August 31st with the first band, Second Sight, kicking it all off at 6pm. Last band plays at 4pm on Sunday, September 2nd, and you gotta get the hell off the land by noon on Monday, September 3rd.  It’s only $20 for the whole weekend.  Kids 6 and under are free.  Sorry, no single-day rates are given.  You can bring your own food in.  Hell, someone made hot dog omelettes last year on a little grill.  You do what you gotta do.  I’m just glad there’s a Dunkin down the road.  Coffee es muy importante.  It makes me want to kill just a little bit less, which works out really well for you.

You can thank these two for Herd Flock.  Peter Lilly and Adam Begin.  Thank them wicked hard.

So come one, come all to 450 Main Street, Richmond, ME.  Follow the bloody sign until you’re down in the Back 40.  I promise when it’s over, you’ll never be the same.

Peace, love, and bat shit.

Auntie H