I’m A Man’s Man. That’s Why My Muscles Be All Big.

It isn’t often that a band comes along and tears ass around my heart.  I’m a lover of local rock, punk and metal.  98% of the albums in my car are from bands here in Maine.  I’ve been to a lot of local shows over the past few years and I’ve seen some shit.  I’ve acquired some favorites, and one at the top of my list is Drivetrain.  I saw them for the very first time in the beginning of 2017 when they opened for Fifth Freedom at Empire, and then many, many, many times after that.  I try not to miss a Drivetrain show, because it’s a guaranteed good time.  Kinda like sexy time, except with decidedly more cowbell.  Not none, just… more.

Drivetrain at Empire.  Portland, ME.  2017.

If you love hard, 70’s and 80’s style rock ‘n roll that makes you want to strap on some leather and barrel-ass down the highway at a buck-twenty and then smash a can of PBR on your forehead when you’ve reached your destination to celebrate how much of a swag badass you are, then you’ll love Portland’s Drivetrain.  Seeing them live is an experience, even for introverts.  They’ll have you singing along in no time.  You just can’t help it.  When Kevin Beling says “Whoa oh whoa, oh whoa whoa whoaaa”, you fucking repeat it back.  Don’t be a little bitch.

Drivetrain is fast-driving, whiskey-pounding, do it on a muscle car kinda rock.


I suppose they really got me hooked when I got a copy of their EP, “Hellcat”.  It’s a three song project, but it was enough to leave me wanting more.  “Burn Slow” is for sure my favorite song of theirs, but “Mortal Koil” and “Midnite Ride” top that list, too.   I mean hey, who doesn’t love that British pussy?  Have that honest conversation with yourself.  You can find “Mortal Koil” and “Midnite Ride” on their brand new full-length album, “Muscles Big”.  It came out on 11/23/18 to rave reviews.  You can find it at Bull Moose Music stores for $10 and at https://drivetrain.bandcamp.com/ for $9 (digital) or $10 for a hard copy.  Personally, I love hard copies.  I like to be able to feel the rock between my delicate little fingers.

Drivetrain, being interviewed by The Facemelter of Rock Rage Radio, Geno’s Portland, 2018.

To celebrate the release of “Muscles Big”, Drivetrain is having an album release party at Empire in Portland.  Let me warn you, this show will rumble your bits.  It’s gonna be a loud, wild night.  Drivetrain is of course the headliner, and they’ve invited a couple special guests to round out the evening…


Sygnal To Noise from Biddeford (howwwwdy neighbors!) is showing up to party your pretty little face off.  There isn’t a band in the scene that sounds like Sygnal.  Formed in 2013, they’ve been spreading the Sygnal and bringing rock back to the forefront.  They are a heavy-hitting band, with their catchy riffs and lyrics sold and streamed worldwide.  They’ve won several awards and have played with the likes of Disturbed, Volbeat, Sebastian Bach, Seether, and *insert a shit ton more famous bands here*.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, they fucking rock, man.  I can’t put it any clearer than that.  Listen to their three albums (so far…) and you will understand how much fun and energy and heart they put into their music and live shows.  Find out at https://sygnaltonoiserocks.com. Also, no one has a voice like Coopa.  Fight me.

Sygnal To Noise, Hallobash 2018.  Champions Sports Bar, Biddeford, ME.

I haven’t seen them since Hallobash in October, so I’m having withdrawals.  I can’t wait to hear some of my favorite songs, like “Without Color”, “Cliche”, “Dirty Girl”, “Politician Man”, “…” oh never mind, I love them all.  Just play them all.

Love me a private concert.  Sygnal To Noise’s Coopa and Joey Nash at practice, September 2018.

Also joining the fun is Twin Grizzly.  These motherfuckers aren’t messing around.  They will take your face in their loving hands and take a blowtorch to it.  You won’t have a face left, sorry.  Twin Grizzly is high energy, loud rock ‘n roll.  They will get in your face and yell at you about sex and other awesome stuff, while wailing on guitars and making panties drop.  That’s just how it goes.  You game?  You should be, Shirley.

Twin Grizzly at Geno’s Portland.  They rock so hard I couldn’t get ’em to hold still for a picture.

Twin Grizzly will get your blood pumping with singalong tracks a la Drivetrain, and will rile you right up good.  They will be your musical fluffer for the evening.  Is that right?  I don’t watch porn.  Sounds good though, so I’ll stick with it.  They will prime you, is what I’m getting at.  I just… I gotta shut up LOL.  Check them out at https://twingrizzly.com/.

Twin Grizzly supports Africa, and I therefore support Twin Grizzly.  Found my spirit animal at Geno’s that night.

The cool kids will be at Empire this Friday night, myself included (not saying I’m cool, I’m more like a barnacle that attaches itself to kick ass rock bands), and you should come out and play with us.  The party starts at 9pm, tickets are $10 and you can nab ’em through Eventbrite on Facebook.  Oh, and it’s 21+, because alcohol.  Little kiddies can’t have the grown-up juice.

Congrats to Drivetrain on their debut album “Muscles Big”.  I can’t wait to get myself a copy and rock out with you this Friday night.  Maybe I’ll make like Paul Revere and come by horse…

-Auntie H

Oh, and I know it’s been a while between blogs.  Lost my mind again.  Surprise!  Talk soon.  Love ya, goons.

I’m Auntie H and I’m here to fuck up your interview.

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