Every band has to get their start somewhere.  Metallica and Megadeth didn’t just magically appear one day on your radio.  Rage Against The Machine (one of my favorite bands, btw) wasn’t an overnight success.  Every band starts off unknown, and by playing gigs, self-promotion (thanks, social media) and word of mouth they have the capability of growing.  That’s where you and I come in.  We go to shows.  We tell our friends about it.  We buy merch.  We support.

I’ve been in radio for over a decade, and I’ve been a DJ for most of it.  I emcee rock and metal shows.  It’s what I do.  I buy merch.  I support.  If you’re pondering whether you should go see that metal show at Geno’s with the $5 cover at the door, just ask yourself “What would Tom Morello do?”*

This is my love letter to Maine’s rock and metal scenes.  Let’s get these mafakas on the map!

*Tom Morello has been spotted checking out local, unknown bands.  Le sigh.


Maine. Music. Metal.

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